#24DaysOfRum Day 7

Crystal clear… the ring on the surface seems really thick!!

Nose: oh boy…just opening it, you get TONS of funky note, overripe bananas, jackfruit, along with a grassy note to it…then acetone and glue…God it smell sooooo good! There is also sweeter note in the background, almost like chocolate…interesting!

Mouth: yeah, definitely esters, lots of fruits (same as the nose, maybe a touch of pineapple), although not particularly “fatty”… very astringent and warm, but still sweeter that the typical Jamaican ester bombs! I still sense that chocolate note, that mellows the acetone and glue. Nice! ABV around 58, maybe more

finish: pretty sustained, with a certain nuttiness to it, complementing the overripe fruits!

It screams Jamaica all over, possibly Hampden or maybe Clarendon…it doesn’t feel Long Pond, as I miss the fatty, greasy note!
Although, could also be Savanna…


Diese High Ester sind einfach unverkennbar.


Nice tasting notes! Only one thing: ABV is around 69% :slight_smile:


I’m worried…because it really doesn’t feel like 60+ ABV…I should be getting checked :smiley: