Advice needed: Sample packages from e.g. a single distillery, country or region?

Finding single samples is quite confusing and tiresome, and for me it is difficult to collect a good representative collection of rum samples from e.g. a region or country or distillery to taste the differences head-to-head. Does anyone know of a beginners/novice level introductory sample collection to for example Jamaican rum, or Guyana rum?

If not, then if I would like to find a broad representative collection of samples from let’s say Jamaica, which 10 rum samples are a must-buy on that list?


In Jamaica we find 4 working distilleries. I would recommend to try at least 2 samples from each distillery.

  1. Hampden: Rumfire (RX5390) and Pure Singe Jamaican Rum 46% (RX11)
  2. Long Pond: Velier STCE (RX13410) and S.B.S Jamaica Single Origin Rum (RX13569)
  3. Worthy Park: Single Estate Reserve (RX165) or 109 (RX9767) and Rum Bar White (RX1318)
  4. Clarendon/Monymusk: Fine Drams 1997 (RX16023) and Plantation One-Time (RX11754)

This is a mix of aged and unaged rum - I do not know what you prefer. To a beginner the aged rums are possibly more pleasing.


Gerneral advices for a must buy list are a tricky thing as it depends massively on your preferences. So I recommend to try as many samples and make your own decision of what should be on your must buy list.
Many of us may help you with some samples - take a look here: “Offering Samples”

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Don’t forget my personal Favorit
New Yarmouth :star_struck:


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You could have a look here, maybe you can find some things that you would find interesting:


When you start acquiring samples you quickly find out that you have numerous representatives of various distilleries… That’s a dangerous hobby :grin:

Not precisely what you’re asking for but I recommend 1423 rum calendar 24 Days of Rum Calendar - 1423 World Class Spirits for a selection of random decent samples.

The precisely selected samples are unique. You ask about Guyana but it matters if you want El Dorado basic range, the Rare Collection, or the stuff from independent bottlers. For me, every bottle is different. I think rum has evolved rapidly and “benchmarks” are kind of blurry now.


Schau mal hier zum Beispiel Barbados

Die haben von fast jeder Flasche auch 5cl da.
Über die Suche kannst du eine Region eingrenzen.