Agricole tasting with Romhatten

Ready for tasting in Århus :tumbler_glass:

Agricole, grass, floral, fruity, citrus, light, fresh, honey, sweet, spicy.
Thick curtains.
Finish medium to long.

Light Agricole, fresh, wood, light, fruity, caramel, vegetal, lightly dry, dried fruit,light grass.
Medium curtains.
Finish is medium long.

Wood, roasted, berries, marzipan, vegetal, cherry, leather, caramel, spicy, oily, medium dry to dry.
Thick curtains.
Long and warm finish.

Wood, light, citrus, caramel, dried fruit, fresh, minty, light Agricole, medium dry,oily, fruity, raisin.
Nice curtains.
Medium long and warm finish.

Wood, roasted, fruity, earthy, cherry, clove, coffee, spicy, warm, oily, herbs, vegetal, tannins.
Nice curtains.
Long and warm/spicy finish.

Agricole, fresh, light, orange, balanced, vegetal, cherry, wood, olive, herbal, tannins.
Thick curtains.
Medium long finish.

Wood, spicy, fruity, lots of wood, roasted, floral, fresh, caramel, citrus, cherry, tannins.
Thick curtains.
Very long and spicy finish.

Wood, roasted, cherry, intense, leather, spicy, licorice, earthy, dry., dried fruit, caramel.
Medium curtains.
Long and spicy.