Available rarities

In this thread we can share exciting new releases and hidden rarities with the RumX community. :star_struck:


My short term watch list, should both get available anytime soon.


A bit expensive, but maybe someone is interested.


Thanks for the tip! I was just about to secure a bottle for us to share. However, I can not get through the ordering process: “Il tuo indirizzo è incompleto” :confused:

I checked a bit earlier too … it was out of stock already :wink: I am still fighting my weaker self not to use a “F5” bot to refresh the Rhum Excellence page to see when soon switches to an available for order state.

Strange, I ordered there in the past (shipping to Germany).
As soon as I get my bottle from LMDW, I will share it.


What I am wondering is why LMDW says “soon available” on all the sold out products. Even for the older HGML release which I am still looking for too.

Because LMDW keep some on their warehouse. You will see available in the future (with adapted price of course :wink: )

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Hi, has anyone more info regarding availability of the new Foursquare Shibboleth? It is supposed to be released end-May. ER has it listed as ‚available soon‘. The 17 years of tropical aging seem to be quite appealing to me :yum::tumbler_glass:

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It’s available now on excellencerhum.com

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Which one, it says soon for me on the 2016 H? Also got no in-stock alert which I am subscribed to.

Foursquare was available for a very short time. Sadly I missed the opportunity… :frowning:

Foursquare Shibboleth

I received the in-stock alert 30 mins ago but missed it, too. Must have been ridiculously low quantity on sale :angry:

Btw … a tip on stock alerts and newsletters that often announce rarities too. Many shops send e-mails in “consecutive bulks”, i.e. not all at once but one block of e-mails after another. Usually this is done in alphabetical order. I analyzed this for Rum Depot e.g. where an e-mail address starting with “r” received the Newsletter a few hours later than an e-mail address starting with “m”. And the e-mail address starting with “c” received the Newsletter even earlier. Overall there is a time difference of > 4 hours for all newsletters to arrive so someone with an e-mail address starting with an “r” will never get the rarities in this scenario (the bots know that for sure).

Isn’t it fair to share this secret with the community :rofl: joke aside, I have an e-mail address starting with m and r and wanted to create an alias for myself now starting with a@… luckily I have my own fast and dedicated e-mail server so I am free to configure anything there (even bypass spam filters for important rum news :wink: )


thanks, for the insight on the technical side. In case anyone was lucky to snatch a bottle, I guess we all would highly apprecite it being shared among the fellow :tumbler_glass:-x community :blush: I read that the quantity on sale in the German market is limited to 300 bottles but I understood that there will also be substantial quantities released on the US market. Lets see for what prices it will sell on the secondary market. As Foursquare is actually releasing quite iften, I am not near to tears :wink:

In the Czech Republic a shop supposedly has the S.B.S Guyana 2001 SWR availabe (5 bottles):


However the ABV is listed wrongfully, it’s 53,2% and not 51,4% as listed in the shop. The SVL and Uitvlugt is listed correctly in the shop, as is the gift box. No idea how trustworthy this shop is, I hope it is of course :smiley:

Ich würde auf jeden Fall nachfragen ob es der Skeldon ist, weil der Preis kann eigentlich nicht unter dem Savalle (SVL) liegen.

I think the ABV is correct. There is a SBS 2001 SWR bottling for warehouse1.cz with 51,4%
So I guess it is this one.

Thanks for the info. Would be interesting to know if it’s the same Skeldon I have just with a bit of water added.

Two different casks, both cask strength.