Bottle market value reference

Hi Oliver,

I have a question regarding the average market price calculation of bottles, and especially the auction price.

Do they (at rum auctioneer) take the brokers fee and delivery into account?
Because I now have observed user behavior a bit and found, that while the bid was below shop prices for bottles that are still up for sale, fees and delivery make it in the end more expensive, than if the person simply ordered online somewhere else.

For myself I always add delivery costs to the price I enter.


I’m not Oliver (and I think he will answer you) but I think it is just the final price in € rather £ (and I think the rate €/£ is moving each month).

Regarding the fees, what fees would you take ? Buyer or seller ? And for the delivery, in Germany, England or China (which not cost the same) ?

As a price in shop (which is theorically not a price but an offer : it will be a price if someone buy it), the valuation is complicated and it’s better to be simple. So like that, it is well (last auction price).

By the way, I add also all costs in my purchase price.


For me, as a buyer, the buyers fee is relevant, but I admit that other (most?) people are more interested in the sellers fees, which actually reduce the revenue for the seller. So both viewpoints distort auction price calculations when those prices are displayed the same way as shop prices.

For example: I am curious what the average cost is for Rum X, and have a look. Maybe auction prices give me the impression that I overpay when buying in a shop, due to fees and delivery costs missing. On the other hand I maybe get the impression that an auction would yield much more that it does in reality, as again fees are not not factored in. This is especially true in lower cost areas where I dwell.

At this point I believe there is no easy solution, as the database is already set up. I imagine it would be possible to separate buying costs from fees but this would make it more complicated.

As I understand it’s the hammer price, that is displayed. As long as the auction house is known, everyone can research the relevant fees and calculate the price that he’s interested in himself, no?

I don’t really see the need to make it more complicated than it already is.
Besides, auction prices fluctuate heavily and therefore are just a rough estimate and a brief snapshot of “value”.

Yeah, I just was a bit irritated by it, and believe many people forget that. A notice additional fees apply helps, perhaps.


Sorry for just getting back to you.

I integrate the data from Rum Auctioneer with the specified hammer price. So neither the costs for the seller nor the surcharges for the buyer are included. So I think you have a good compromise between buyer and seller perspective, which are both possible. In the future, I might still show an additional switch to include the appropriate markups or fees. Or the hint you mentioned - good idea!

When I enter bottle purchases in the app I personally also take into account all costs (shipping, duties, …).