Brussels Rhum Festival - Overview of our trip!

Hi beloved rhum addicts,

Here are some inputs / sharing informations from the Brussels/Bruxelles Rhum Festival ( I had the chance to attend this week-end.

First of all, it was a really cool event, cheap (<20€ for entry and tokens), in a old bank, the “salons” / différents rooms where very intimate.
You can try 5-10 bottles of 60+ distilleries (for free, or 1€/try !! insane :blush: ) with advices from vendors of premium-spirits (this maybe the only negative point, vendors are not all equals and some just read their papers… but some are greats too and are real rhum professionals).
After a day of tasting, you have a merch where you can buy bottles with -15% discount (prices are finally almost the same prices at best only shops - except for French products).

Among all tasting we’ve done, some of my preferred stuffs :

  • J.M 2004
  • Neisson XO
  • A1710 Renaissance (and all A1710, this was crazy)
  • Sao Can 20 y
  • Longueteau 62
  • Papa Rouyo “Rejeton”
  • Takamaka !
  • Clairin :heart_eyes:

Few images to come below… thanks for reading my first sharing session !




Thanks for sharing your impressions!


Great review. I’ll have to put this on my calendar for next year!

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Thanks a lot for sharing, looks like an interesting event that is still a bit under the radar?


It was the first time, so maybe underrated this year,
I Hope this will not become a monster next year with too many people… :slight_smile: