Cleaning sampling bottles

Hi all,
At least for me it is set to re-use sampling bottles and this brings us to the hazzling issue of how to get them clean.

The most difficult part is to get rid of the label and the remaining glue.
Usually I try to remove it in one piece beginning from one corner and this works for approximately 30% of the labels. :smiley:
If not I try to scratch off the paper using the back of a knive. For removing the remaining glue I bought a “Sticker remover spray”. I soak the mess and try to wipe it off using tissue paper. As it stinks like hell I use it outside!! :nauseated_face: When wiping off the glue is easily smudged and so I need two to three runs to get it clean.

Once the f… label is removed I wash the bottles using standard dishwashing liquid and rinse it properly. That is the easiest part of it.

The last step is getting the bottles dry. I place them upside down on a towel to get rid most of the water. Then I put the bottles upright on a radiator or I if in urgent need I use a hair dryer. And don’t forget the caps.

Did I tell you I hate cleaning bottles! :grimacing: If you have any recommendation to improve please let me know! :grinning: :parasol_on_ground:


I boil the bottles for about 10 mins( sterilisation)The labels are coming of easily usually. If the label doesn’t come off entirely I’ll let the bottle soak in hot water with dishwashing liquid for a few minutes and scratch the remains off afterwards . I’m afraid i don’t believe bottle cleaning gets easier :smiley:


And by boiling the glue is removed? If that’s so simple I say Thank You!! (I work in the pharma business, we make everything complicated. :grinning:)


Usually yes and if not step 2 will get rid of it


Normal cooking oil will remove any sticker with glue. Just smear it on the label and let it rest for a while :grinning:


Last option: Use nail polish…


I print all my labels on removable sticker. So it makes it quite easy


I do exactly like @Olivia :slight_smile: but boil the bottles for shorter time, one minute has always been enough for the labels.


@Olivia and @KevinDK, thanks for your advice. Both approaches work properly! :grinning:


I had one bottle with leftover glue I couldn’t get rid of. Boiling for 3 minutes didn’t help, but wiping the glue with cooking oil really helped. Thanks for the hint :slight_smile: