Daiquiri recipes

I want to share the recipie I tried today inspired by the “Daiquiri Machine” with this rum:

The rum integrates extremely well into a Daiquiri and it’s definitely one of the best mixes I have tried so far.

I used:
5 cl Rivers Grenadine Rum by River Antoine
2,5 cl fresh lime juice (the original recipe uses unripe lemons)
1,5 cl Saint James Sugar Cane Syrup

As alternative to the Saint James Sugar Cane Syrup I have the dark version by Trois Riviéres which I didn’t use because of the effect on color (it’s great in a Ti’Vieux) and I also have the Giffard sugar cane syrup saveur rhum which has rhum aroma by itself and is great for a Ti’Punch with HSE 55 e.g. but I thought it wouldn’t match the intensive aromas of the Rivers Grenadine Rum.


That sounds delicious! As soon as my bottle is there I will try your recipe! :cocktail: :star_struck:


Gerade ausprobiert! Richtig genialer Daiquiri… :heart_eyes:
Haut auf nüchternen Magen nur ordentlich rein… :crazy_face:


Sounds like the River Antoine is a perfect Rum for a Daiquiri.
Which Agricoles would you recommend? I heard Rhum Rhum should be a good fit. Any experience?

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Made a DOKuiri yesterday which was an absolute blast.
I used the 2019 DOK by SBS I bought at the rum fest

and used a rather weak recipe:
4,5 cl DOK
2,25 cl Lime
1,5 cl Sugar

It came out super balanced and intense although I used rather less rum than I’m used to.

  • juice of 1 lime
  • 3 cl Plantation
  • 1,5 cl Rasta Morris Worthy Park
  • 1,5 cl Savanna HERR
  • 1,5 cl sugar cane syrup



An idea for our next gathering of the rum-club Tom, we all present our favorite Daiquiri recipe to each other… oh wait, maybe we have to do more gatherings for this one except if we can all sleep on the couch :joy:. Cheers mate :tumbler_glass::tropical_drink:


Da kann ich nur beipflichten. Heute zum Glück schon genug Erdbeerkuchen intus :smile:

Geiler Drink aber definitiv auch pur der helle Wahnsinn und für mich unbedingt zu empfehlen!