DE: Colours of Rum Bellevue 1998 no2 (blue)

So this is my first Split and i hope i get everything right. Got new sample bottles with safety rings but will do handwritten labels for now. I will enter a second Split with another bottle of the same Range (it’s the 1995 Clarendon), which i ordered in a separate order with separate shipping cost. People who will participate in both splits will get a reduced rate (meaning i will calculate one shipping out as it is not your fault but my stupidity to not order in one go :wink:

Purchase price of bottle: 220 € (70 cl) … shipping was quite pricey 195 + 25
Quantity to split: 45 cl

Sample prices:

  • 5cl: 16,70 €
  • 10cl: 2 x 5cl

Shipping (incl. new sample bottles with sealed caps and labels):

  • Germany: 4€ (without tracking), 5,50€ (insured)
  • EU: 6€ (without tracking), 14€ (insured)


  • With a participation you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and accept the stated conditions
  • The risk of uninsured / untracked shipping is borne by the recipient
  • No profit intention on my part
  • The sample bottles are carefully packed by me for shipping
  • As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal
  • The buyer confirms that he is at least 18 years old (legal drinking age)
  • Samples will be shipped after receipt of payment (PayPal)


  1. personal share 25 cl
  2. ZaibotZtar
  3. Gunnar
  4. KennyOMG
  5. DomM
  6. Mariano 56

5cl pls


5 cl bitte

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5cl please.

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Auch 5 cl bitte :slight_smile:

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hier auch 5cl bitte

Edit: ich möchte hier zurücktreten - habe anderweitig ein Sample bekommen :slight_smile:

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5 cl bitte :grinning:

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