DE/EU: Chris' Sample List (updated 2022-12-03)

Thank you for coming here and your interest in my sample list :heart_eyes: sharing rum and tasting notes is not only fun but it also allows me to taste more bottles than I would otherwise get just for myself :innocent:

Shipping cost:

  • Germany (tracking, lost insurance up to 500 €, up to 12 samples): 4,99 €
  • Germany (tracking, lost insurance up to 500 €, 12+ samples): 5,99 €
  • Germany (Maxibrief, up to 5 samples): 2,75 €
  • EU (tracking, lost insurance up to 500 €, up to 12 samples): 13.99 €
  • EU (tracking, lost insurance up to 500 €, 12+ samples): 15.99 €
  • There is an EU option for up to 5 samples for 4,89 € with no tracking and no insurance (I do not recommend this and thus don’t explicitly offer it on splits)

Payment Conditions:

  • Samples will be shipped after receiving payment (PayPal family and friends preferred).

General Conditions:

  • By ordering samples confirm that you are at least 18 years old (Germany) or of legal age to buy and drink spirits in your country and accept the stated conditions.
  • I do not gain a profit from the sample price, the extra cost for sample bottles, packing material, parafilm, labels, eventual shipping cost I paid myself, eventual auction fees are added to the original price of the bottle (this extra cost is ~1,25 €).
  • Availability cannot be guaranteed, please always ask first. I try to keep the list always up to date and so far I didn’t have to dissapoint anyone.
  • Where available is shown, samples are already bottled and sealed with parafilm. (see available*).
  • As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal especially since all samples are individually bottled for you.
  • Storing samples is free, however payment of the sample price without shipping in advance is mandatory. Please note that storing a sample for a very long time (several months) will change the taste of the rum (to the better or worse, depending on the rum).
  • I recommend to store samples in a dark (room without windows), not too humid or dry environment, around room temperature if you don’t want to taste them immediately. These are also the conditions I store your samples in.
  • Multiple samples of the same rum can be ordered, but there are no discounts since there is no profit margin I could grant a discount on and the amount is limited to what’s left in the bottle, since I have only 1 bottle of most rums.

Whole Bottles available

Rum RumX ID Price (excl. shipping)
Hampden Great House 2020 7547 155 €
Rum Artesanal Port Mourant (PM) 1989 7791 255 €
Rum Club Private Selection Depaz (Private Cask) 13230 129 €
Rum Club Private Selection Ed. 25 DOK 2009 12147 129,90 €
Rum Club Private Selection Ed. 26 Agricole F.W.I. (Ex-Gardel 1983) 12610 50 €
SBS Enmore 1994 REV 9537 385 €
Velier Hampden LROK 2010 & LROK The Younger Set 9152 and 9150 165 €

Sample List - Rum

Rum RumX ID 5 cl Sample available*
Barbosa Amado & Vicente 2421 4,49 €
Chairman’s Reserve Vintage 2005 2581 4,39 €
Cihuatán Sahumeria Limited Edition 7094 5,64 €
Companero Panama Extra Anejo 18 3,50 €
Damoiseau XO 315 4,36 €
Duncan Taylor Fiji 2003 Single Cask 1275 7,75 €
English Harbour High Congener Series 8892 5,00 €
Habitation Velier Long Pond STC*E (White) 1067 4,36 €
Habitation Velier Privateer 2017 5636 8,32 € 2
Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL 272 8,40 € 6
Kill Devil Fiji 2002 14YO 650 6,64 € 1
Mezan Guyana (Diamond) 2005 5747 4,54 €
Noah Pure Belize 14YO - Banyuls cask finish (3m) 5,26 €
Nobilis No. 7 HD HLCF 1992 9622 27,33 € 2
Plantation Extra Old XO 20th Anniversary Barbados 1 3,35 €
Plantation Fiji 2005 One Time Limited Edition 1847 7,93 € 5
Plantation Jamaica Finish Rye Whisky 1996 6632 9,27 €
Plantation Multi Island XO Cask #3 Barbados & Jamaica 3393 3,34 €
Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry 134 3,04 €
Rhum J.M. 2000 - 15 YO 1074 14,08 €
Rum Club Private Selection Ed. 23 Barbados 2000 11878 11,21 €
Rum Club Private Selection Ed. 25 DOK 2009 12147 14,29 €
Rum Club Private Selection Ed. 26 Agricole F.W.I. (Ex-Gardel 1983) 12610 6,24 €
SBS Brazil 2011 3522 7,07 €
SBS Brazil 2013/2017 7672 8,50 €
SBS Fiji 2002 18YO 9403 12,64 € 1
Toucan Blanc 1078 2,88 €
Trois Rivières VSOP Réserve Spéciale 2107 3,70 €
Velier Clairin Ansyen 41mo Casimir SC #CA17BT-1 EX-WHISKEY 5,53 € 1
Velier Clairin Communal Blend des Quatres Communes 1047 3,21 €
Velier Hampden Jamaican Rum LROK 2010 9152 9,64 €
Velier Providence Haitian Rum “First drops” 7333 3,86 €
Velier River Antoine 6324 6,07 €
Velier Veritas (Foursquare & Hampden) 235 3,00 €
Velier & Scheer Monymusk 11y Wedderburn Continental Aging MMW 431 9,49 €
Velier & Scheer Monymusk 11y Wedderburn Tropical Aging MMW 445 10,54 €
Velier & Scheer Monymusk 14y Plummer Continental Aging EMB 498 10,06 €
Velier & Scheer Monymusk 14y Plummer Tropical Aging EMB 662 11,68 €
Velier Royal Navy Tiger Shark 2nd Edition 183 11,81 €
Worthy Park 109 9767 3,00 €
Worthy Park 2014 Special Barrel Series WPL (Cask #971) 9861 7,88 €

The ABC Sample List - Armagnac, Bourbon, Cognac etc.

Armagnac, Bourbon, Cognac etc. 5 cl Sample available*
High West Prairie Bourbon 4,45 €
High West Whiskey Double Rye 4,45 €
High West Whiskey Rendevous Rye 6,60 €
High West Whiskey Campfire (Bourbon, Rye, Scotch Blend) 6,60 €
Old Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 15 Years 28,39 €

Please send me a PM with the RX ID or name of the rum from this list. Also let me know when there is a RumX ID missing or wrong. I always keep this list up to date, so usually everything should be available as stated in this list unless 10 people want the same rum at once :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks!

*samples without a number in the available column are normally available too, but I don’t take a record of all bottle fillings. Samples with available numbers are also usually ready-made 5 cl samples and not in the original bottle anymore to avoid too much air in the bottles.


Epische Bandbreite! Vom Don Papa bis zum Hampden 1989 alles dabei… :sweat_smile: :rocket:


Der Don Papa war mein allererster Rum. Das hat zumindest einen sentimentalen Wert :joy:


Zu Demo Zwecken :wink: so sehen meine 5 cl und 10 cl Sample Flaschen aus. Vom HD 1989 gibt es jetzt leider keine Samples mehr, trinke auch noch den letzten Schluck.

Label muss ich noch drucken natürlich … ahhhh und allein schon dieser Geruch in der Luft, wie blöd das ich gleich Auto fahren muss.


Passend zur Sommerzeit habe ich ein paar Rums für Mai Tai, Daiquiri und Co. ergänzt, u.a. alle Rums aus der Daiquiri Machine Box von Velier und den Worthy Park WPE 2017 Single Cask den ich selbst schon geöffnet habe für ein paar leckere Mai Tais und natürlich auch puren Genuss :smiley:

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Rums die nicht mehr verfügbar sind aus der Liste entfernt und folgendes ergänzt:

KaDeWe Special Edition vom Rum Club Panama 37yo für den es noch keine RumX ID gibt.


I updated the sample list:

  • removed empty bottles
  • added some rums e.g. the Velier Caronis from the set where some samples were remaining (note that I purchased the bottles this year and not at release thus the expensive sample prices - since I was asked that quite often)
  • bottles which are not open but are already in ready made and sealed (parafilm) sample bottles have availability numbers now - usually I completely sample a bottle when it gets too empty since it would otherwise change taste too quickly

10 cl samples are “phased out” since I plan to only order 5 cl sample bottles in the future to reduce overhead cost. Of course 10 cl can still be ordered as 2x5 cl but considering most people only want 5 cl it’s more cost efficient to just order one bottle size.

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Hampden Great House (Distillery Edition 2021), 7 years, 55% | RumX

in die Liste aufgenommen, da ich zum genießen selbst eine Flasche aufgemacht hab :wink:

Noch eine besondere Aktion, da mein Lager etwas geleert werden muss und ich gebe zu die Kasse für 2022 auch wieder etwas gefüllt :rofl: :innocent:

Bis zum 22. Februar 2022 gibt es auf alle bereits abgefüllten Samples (erkennbar an der Zahl in der letzten Spalte) einen Rabatt von 22%.

Da ich aus 2021 auch noch über 50 :open_mouth: offene Flaschen habe, muss ich mir dafür auch noch eine Aktion überlegen.

Plane in einem eigenen Thread ein paar offene Flaschen abzugeben (die kommen dann von der Sample Liste runter).


Hi Chris, does the list is currently available ? Only samples with number of them are available ?

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No, everything on the list is available. But the bottles without a number in the available column are just open bottles. Where a number is shown in the column available, the samples are actually ready made 5 cl samples. Thanks for pointing out tough, that this might not be obvious.

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Hab ein paar „doppelte“ Flaschen hinzugefügt und nicht mehr verfügbare Samples aus der Liste entfernt.

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Added the Velier Beenleighs as bottle set to my list since they were split already and after hunting them I got them twice now:innocent: :innocent: :innocent: I will also open the GotA Séailles 2000 when I get it and share a few samples again.


Da 1 Sample vom Rum Club Private Selection Ed. 22 Enmore REV 1994 unbezahlt blieb gibt es das jetzt wieder auf der Liste :slight_smile: … ist vergeben


Added the Grape of the Art Jean-Luc Pasquet 68-72 #21 to my sample list.

66,6% ABV for the devil in you!


Würde von den beiden 2 Sampler nehmen

|Habitation Velier Privateer 2017|
|Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 WPL|

Grüße Fabian