DE/ EU [Pre]: Albion El Dorado Rare Collection 2004

Purchase price of bottle: 245 € (70 cl)
Quantity to split: 55 cl
Minimum quantity to split: 40 cl

Sample prices:

  • 5cl: 18,50 €
  • 10cl: 36 €

Shipping (incl. new sample bottles, labels):

  • Germany: 4€ (without tracking), 5,50€ (insured)
  • EU: 10,50€ (without tracking), 16€ (insured)


  • With a participation you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and accept the stated conditions
  • The risk of uninsured / untracked shipping is borne by the recipient
  • No profit intention on my part
  • The sample bottles are carefully packed by me for shipping
  • As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal
  • The buyer confirms that he is at least 18 years old (legal drinking age)
  • Samples will be shipped after receipt of payment (PayPal, bank transfer, …)


  1. personal share 15 cl
  2. Lot-NAS 10 cl
  3. Stefano 5 cl
  4. BavarianRumLover 5 cl

Thanks for sharing - 10cl would be great!

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Hi, 5 cl would bei great!

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Apparently the interest is not so great.
I‘ll wait until sunday to decide if I‘ll buy the bottle. :sweat_smile:

I was also wondering why there is such a low interest. This should be a Classic Rum, but maybe the minimum standard of the community is the Albion from Velier. :grinning:


I love this rum. The reason for me is that I have some in my shelf. Maybe others too.


…yes it seems so, except three people. :joy:

After thinking for some days - I ordered the bottle anyways :D.
So if you are still interested I can make the split as soon as it arrives.
If there is something else you are interested on my list:
Rum Lars - Google Tabellen (i.e. added the Caroni today - it is also not opened yet)
I´m always happy to receive some help to get more space in my rumshelf :slight_smile: .


5cl please :pray:

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sehe ich genauso, viele werden sich noch bei Spiritacademy eingedeckt haben, als es den noch für 185 EUR gab, und schon absehbar war, dass der Bestand da knapp wird…dass das ein klasse Rum ist, steht natürlich außer Frage!


Den Zeitpunkt hatte ich leider verpasst. War da auch kurz davor habs aber aufgeschoben :sweat_smile:


Flasche steht nun hier. Wenn ihr noch Interesse habt, würde ich sie aufmachen und teilen. Gerne einmal kurz reagieren @Stefano @Lot-NAS


Ich bin immer noch gerne dabei :slight_smile:

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Dito :slightly_smiling_face:

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