DE/EU: Rom de Luxe Wild Series Rum Jamaica No. 18 JMC

Rom de Luxe Wild Series Rum Jamaica No. 18 JMC

Quantity to split: 13 samples
Minimum to split: 13 samples

5 cl Sample price: 32,39 €

  • 6,48 € / cl; base price for calculation 453,46 € which includes all extra cost of 1,25 € per sample excl. shipping - see conditions

Shipping cost:

  • Germany (tracking, lost insurance up to 500 €): 4,99 €
  • Germany (Maxibrief): 2,75 €
  • EU (tracking, lost insurance up to 500 €): 13.99 €
    max. 5 samples per Maxibrief and 12 samples per insured package

Payment Conditions:

  • Samples will be shipped after receiving payment (PayPal family and friends preferred; SEPA/IBAN optional).
  • Important payment information: This bottle comes from @Forrest but he also accepts PayPal family and friends. The bottle location is Germany, so the shipping costs will apply from Germany with Maxibrief (domestic only) or DHL (DE/EU).

General Conditions:

  • With a participation you confirm that you are at least 18 years old (Germany) or of legal age to buy and drink spirits in your country and accept the stated conditions.
  • I do not gain a profit from the sample price since the aforementioned extra cost for sample bottles, packing material, parafilm, labels, eventual shipping cost I paid myself are added to the purchase price of the bottles I share (some bottles I share are purchased from auctions - foreign currencies are converted on the day of purchase).
  • Only posts that are “liked” are confirmed samples.
  • As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal especially since all samples are individually bottled for you.
  • Storing samples is free, however payment of the sample price without shipping in advance is mandatory. Please note that storing a sample for a very long time (several months) will change the taste of the rum.
  • I recommend to store samples in a dark, not too humid or dry environment, around room temperature if you don’t want to taste them immediately.

Confirmed Participants:

  1. mto75
  2. MoparRules
  3. Mariano56
  4. personal share

Additional Samples and Bottles:


gerne 5cl :+1:

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I’d like to thank Chris to organize this split for me. I thought it will be easier if the bottle will be in Germany as many of you usually order from that place rather sending you from France with each shipment to pay.


5cl for me, please

a good day,



5 cl bitte :grinning:

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