DE/EU: RumTaTa Sample List

Shipping cost:

  • Germany (tracking, lost insurance up to 500 €): 5,50 €
  • Germany (Maxibrief): 2,75 €
  • EU (tracking, lost insurance up to 500 €): 14 €
  • max. 5 samples per Maxibrief and 12 samples per insured package

Payment Conditions:

  • Samples will be shipped after receiving payment (PayPal family and friends preferred; SEPA/IBAN optional).

General Conditions:

  • By ordering samples confirm that you are at least 18 years old or of legal age to buy and drink spirits in your country and accept the stated conditions.
  • I do not gain a profit from the sample price since the aforementioned extra cost for sample bottles, packing material, parafilm and labels.
  • As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal especially since all samples are individually bottled for you.
  • I do not offer any other sample bottles sizes than 5cl.

Update 12. November 2022
Sample List


Ich hätte gerne jeweils 5cl von:

Martinique Clément Rare Cask Collection Non Plus Ultra RumX 724
Jamaica Hampden Great House 2019 RumX 69
Jamaica Hampden Great House 2020 RumX 7547

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Sampleliste aktualisiert:

  • ein paar “Schätzchen” hinzugefügt
  • Preiskalkulation angepasst (und automatisiert)

ich hätte gerne je 5 cl von:

DDL Diamond Kill Devil (Hunter Laing)
T.D.L Romdeluxe Wild Series Rum Trinidad No. 14
Hampden Oldman Spirits Jamaica JMC
Hampden Compagnie des Indes Jamaica High Proof DOK
Hampden Hunter Laing Kill Devil Hampden
New Yarmouth Rum Artesanal JNY second edition
Savanna Rum Nation Small Batch Rare Rums
RomDeLuxe Limited Batch Series
Saint Lucia Distillers Plantation St. Lucia (The Nectar)
Guadaloupe Bellevue Hunter Laing Kill Devil Bellevue

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Ok, ich bin erst am Montag aus dem Urlaub zurück und kümmere mich dann um deine Samples.