Exclusive presale: The Golden Age Of Piracy - Vol 2 (incl. Long Pond 1983 🤯)

We are very happy to announce our first cooperation with Distilia today!

After the great success of the first three releases of The Golden Age of Piracy series (Caroni 1999, Enmore 1992 and Foursquare 2005), the three new pirates are waiting to tell their story!

Before the official release, you now have the chance to secure yourself the coveted bottles in the Xplore area of the RumX app.

:arrow_forward: Click here to jump directly to the pre-order form in the app! (latest update 10.9.8 required)

What rums await you in the second edition of the series?

  • Long Pond 1983 • 38YO • 52.5% • cask #8 • 108 bottles (RX12843)
    Set price for all 3 bottles: 1600€ *
  • Uitvlugt 1991 • 30YO • 62% • cask #2 • 278 bottles (RX12842)
    Price for single bottle: 380€
  • New Yarmouth 1994 • 27YO • 67.1% • cask #435089 • 138 bottles (RX12841)
    Price for single bottle: 370€

* As there are only 108 bottles of the Unicorn Long Pond 1983 in total, we can only offer this bottle as part of the full set.

Exclusive online tasting with Pietro Caputo
Among all buyers of the set, we raffle 15 tasting kits (3x2cl) for an exclusive online tasting with the legendary Pietro Caputo. Pietro will guide you through the new bottlings and talk about their secrets.

Shipping costs:

  • Germany: 10€ (free shipping for orders from 750€)
  • EU: 20€ (free shipping for orders from 750€)
  • Worldwide shipping possible with individual conditions

What’s the story behind the series? We asked the man behind it - Jakub Bagiński:

If you close your eyes and say the word “rum”, what picture do you see? Is it a pirate? Or the Caribbean? These are the most common associations with rum. You might actually think these are also the most overused ones by the industry… And well, I must say you are probably right. That’s what we at Distilia think as well. Therefore, they found it to be a challenge to come up with something which stays in line with the heritage of our beloved spirit, but at the same time it stands out from everything else you have already seen.

The Golden Age of Piracy is a series of high-end, single cask rums from the world’s top distilleries – Caroni, Enmore, Long Pond, Uitvlugt, Foursquare, Clarendon, you name it… :smiling_face: The series is inspired by a book written by Captain Charles Johnson entitled “A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pyrates” and recalls the names of the most famous rebels who ever sailed on the Caribbean Sea. It brings us to the early 18th century, when growing shipping traffic between Europe, Africa and the Caribbean made some people famous forever. Since then, tales and adventures of Blackbeard’s and other influential pirates fuelled novels, movies and legends. The true story behind these rebels has plenty of rum, their preferred bounty and favourite beverage.
The Golden Age of Piracy consists of ten bottles. The first three - Edward Teach Blackbeard Caroni 1999, Anne Bonny Anney Enmore 1992, and John Rackham Calico Jack Foursquare 2005 - were released at the end of 2021, and soon after they became blockbusters receiving top scores from some of the most renowned whisky/rum critics – just to name Serge Valentin (Blackbeard Caroni 1997 – 92/100 point, whiskyfun.com) and Rob Bauer (Anne Bonny Enmore 1992 – 91/100 points, whiskydigest.com). According to Jakub and Piotr - Distilia’s founders, the new three to the family are at least as good as the previous ones.

It is a limited series, so you’d better not wait too long. The exclusive RumX pre-order starts now. But hold on, this is not the only great news we bring. We also have 15 invitations for an online tasting event with our dear friend and an absolute rum star Pietro Caputo during which you will try all three of the spirits above, including the astonishing Long Pond 1983 38YO(!). Do not hesitate, fill in the form now and become the owner of these three highly collectible rums.


Leider über meinem Budget, aber ich finde solche Aktionen immer toll! Gerne mehr davon, gerne auch in unterschiedlichen Preisklassen und wie an anderer Stelle ja schon erwähnt gerne auch solche Tastings zum Kaufen!


Geiler Scheiss, aber leider auch über Budget. Muss dochmal im Lotto gewinnen :slight_smile:


Shipping to USA?


Yes, we do ship worldwide. For USA it will depend on the State. Can you email us your address at: info@whiskymarket.com, so we will check that for you.
Thanks. Jakub

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Ja, krasse Aktion! Aber ich komme ja schon mit den normalen Samples nicht hinterher. Außerdem ist mein Geburtstag schon vorbei und Weihnachten noch zu weit weg :grin:


Only 24 hours left to grab your bottles of the new Pirates series including the Long Pond 1983.
:arrow_forward: Get your bottles now

By now you‘ll also find the reviews and tasting notes from our RumX community, scoring the Long Pond at 93 points:

„WOW! Powerful intense notes of solvent, glue, tropical fruits. Ester notes are dominant, intense, never harsh or acidic.“

„Very balanced with perfect integrated alcohol. Full of fruity flavors and almost no acid. Awesome.“

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How much is it to Ship to Singapore? Is this price with Vat or Ex Vat?

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The prices include VAT.

For shipping outside the EU, @Jakub will contact you to clarify the best shipping option. :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:

Thanks Oliver.
Yes, that’s correct. The price includes VAT 19%. We can invoice 0% VAT only to companies.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at info@whiskymarket.com.


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Hi all, is there any news on the shipment or delivery? I have ordered and paid in July and it’s still postponed.


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@Jakub Can you please give us an update on the current status? :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:

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I’ve sent them an email about a week ago. This was the response:

We are all also waiting for the shipment of the bottles from the UK - the world is strange these days, the production was a bit delayed and later the Queen died so the UK was paralized. Even Macallan has problems with logistics and shipment now.

We all hope the bottles will be delivered in about 2 weeks. The samples you won at RumX will be delivered by the end of October - I hope you understand - this is the first time it has happened to us that the UK partner is late with the delivery.

Thank you for the patience and the trust in us. I will keep you posted.

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Same goes for their Greenheart REV 1994 sadly.

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Dear All,

First, I would like to thank you for your kind support and patience. As you might have already heard we encountered some technical issues, therefore the delivery of your bottles is delayed. Again, please accept our sincere apologies as this is not what we promised.
Unfortunately, some things are beyond our control and despite putting all efforts we could not speed up the process.

Anyway, I’m bringing good news. The stock has just arrived to Berlin today! Accordingly, we will start shipping your orders from tomorrow on. Please expect our customer service to be in touch with you anytime soon.

In case you have any questions, we stay at your disposal.

With kind regards,
Jakub Baginski


Saw this passing by just now…


The online tasting, hosted by Pietro Caputo, will take place this Thursday at 20:00. The winners of the tasting set should have all received their samples by now. Details including meeting link will be sent tomorrow by @Jakub.

We are really looking forward to a fantastic tasting experience together with the winners! :star_struck::tumbler_glass:



Hi Everyone!

Hope you all got this. Invitations have just been sent to everyone via email.

Tasting will be held on Zoom, which we find pretty intuitive and easy to access. Please use the link provided via email a few minutes before 8pm, just to make sure all works smooth. Personally I use their mobile app and it works great. In that case you just need your smartphone, headphones and the samples provided by us :slight_smile:
Should you need any support, please get in touch with us via Facebook, Distilia.com, or whiskymarket.com.

See you soon!


The Distilia x RumX Tasting is about to start. We are already very excited about it! :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:

Of course, you can follow our impressions in the app.