Feature Request: Verfied Rum Details (by Bottler/OB?)

It would be nice to know if the information on the rum details in the database is correct. Often they are, sometimes they aren’t. One way of improving the quality of the information on the rums might be a “Verified Information” Feature.

IBs and OBs get privileged access to add their new releases to the database. The information which is provided by them is automatically displayed as “verified”. Those bottlers can also check the information on their bottlings and and verify the information presented there. Those can be displayed as verified, too.

If a bottler is one of the privileged accounts it would be great if there was a feedback feature to ask for more details etc. on the rum (for example with all these label errors which regularly occur).


That would be a way of partnering with IBs and bottlers… But one has to point out the benefits for them to put the effort in.