FR/EU La Favorite La Flibuste Old Cuvee Speciale, 1970's

ID : RX2507

Bottle opened and splitted last June. Had few cancellation / payement not made (including 2x10cl with no payement despite reminders…) so if you want to try it, it is still possible for the latecomer.

According the few feedback I’ve already had about it, it would be a shame not to offer it again.

Quantity remaining: 26 cl

Sample prices :

3cl: 60€
5cl: 95€
10cl: 180€

Shipping (incl. new sample bottles, labels, parafilm)

France: 3,5€
Italy: 6,6€
Germany: 11,5€
Belgium: 4,6€
Sapin: 6,8€
Nederland: 5,55€


With a participation you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and accept the stated conditions
The risk of uninsured / untracked shipping is borne by the recipient
No profit intention on my part
The sample bottles are carefully packed by me for shipping
As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal
The buyer confirms that he is at least 18 years old (legal drinking age)
Samples will be shipped after receipt of payment (PayPal, bank transfer, …)




3 cl, please!

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Hi, I would like to have 10cl, please


10cl please, if a lot response, I go down to 5cl

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Not appreciated - says my bank account.

3cl please. :slight_smile:

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Ok pour 5cl svp

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