FR/EU Open bottles giveaway

Hi everyone!
I propose here the bottles in picture at a “discounted” price :grin:
Please note an important thing : I don’t know exactly how many cl are left in the bottle before putting it in sample bottles adapted to the remaining volume (10cl/15cl or 25cl). So the price can/will be corrected and adjusted if necessary.

Rhum Quantité price € instead of “normal price”
CDI new yarmouth 2005 sold - -
Caroni blog à roger sold - -
Plantation XO Guatemala 10cl given on demande with another rum bought 9.30€
SBS Guyana 2003 SVL 25cl 25€ 58.25€
Rum Nation Rare casks Enmore 2002 15cl 12.50€ 25.95€

All samples/bottles can be shipped with future splits coming in october.


Hi Rodolphe,
i will take the Caroni a blog roger!