FR/EU : Plantation Extreme n°4 St. Lucia 2007 13 y.o

Quantity to split : 70 cl

Samples’ price :

  • 3 cl : 13.00€
  • 6 cl : 26.00€

Shipping (incl. new sample bottles, labels) :

  • France : 5€ (Mondial Relay), 11€ (MR insured)
  • EU : 12€ (Mondial Relay), 18€ (insured)

Conditions :

  • With a participation you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and accept the stated conditions
  • The risk of uninsured / untracked shipping is borne by the recipient
  • The sample bottles are carefully packed by me for shipping
  • As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal
  • The buyer confirms that he is at least 18 years old (legal drinking age)
  • Samples will be shipped after receipt of payment (PayPal, bank transfer)

Participants :

  1. Personal share : 31 cl
  2. dlennhoff : 6 cl
  3. Rodolphe : 3 cl
  4. Kevin G (from FB post) : 3cl
  5. Brandon L (from FB post) : 3 cl
  6. Niels G (from FB post) : 6 cl

Remain : 18 cl

6 cl for me, please

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Salut Max, merci pour ce split
Je serais volontiers intéressé par 3cl. Possible de garder l’échantillon au chaud le temps d’en avoir un peu plus à envoyer? (paiement immédiat pour l’échantillon bien sur)

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Salut Rodolphe,

Possible sans aucun soucis :wink:

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Hello Max,

have you already decided how to proceed with this split? Will it take place?



Yes, I will open the bottle anyway.
The split will take place regardless how much samples are requested.

I’m just currently really busy at work and didn’t find time to prepare everything. That’s why I didn’t ask for payment right away.

I’m sorry for that.

I hope I’ll be able to finish everything within end of April.

Best regards


Ca roule, t’inquiète prends ton temps.
Pas de soucis de mon coté.

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