FR/EU - Rodolphe Sample List

Hi everyone!
Here is a list of opened bottles I can sample on.
As I am rather curious and passionate and so I am open to exchanges with other samples of roughly equivalent value.
I’m French, so the shipping costs are :

  • Germany: 9.80€ with tracking and including an insurance for less or equal than 25€ value. (You have to add +2€ for to insure a value between 25€ and 50€ or +3.50€ for a value between 50€ and 125€).
  • FR : about 5€, ask me.
  • Other : ask me
Marque Rhum Degré Prix d’achat 5cl RX ID
Bristol Caroni blended 1999/2019 43° 180 € 13.65 € RX2112
Milano rum festival & Barmetro Port Mourant 10y 57° 100 € 7.65 € RX6236
Rasta Morris Guyana Diamond 2004 14y 61,5° 140 € 10.65 € RX3413
La Mauny XO 40° 65€ 5.65€ RX155
Isautier 7ans (new one) 40° 50€ 4.20€ RX
Hampden the younger 46° 55€ 4.60€ RX9150
Doorlys 12 ans 43° 50€ 4.20€ RX212
Plantation SC Trinidad 2009 finish tokaï 52.5° 79€ 6.40€ RX
Plantation SC Jamaïca Clarendon 2007 finish bourbon 50.4° 79€ 6.40€ RX

Excellent List! Actually I’d love to have a sample of each of them :smiley:



I’m Swiss, do you ship to Switzerland ?
I will take a few samples to spare on shipping.



On peut se parler en français, non ?
J’aimerais, s’ils sont tj dispo :
Les deux Caronis de Bristol
Deux échantillons des Marrons de la liberté (si possible)
Le Enmore 1997 de Rum Nation
Le Port Mourant 2001 idem
Et le Long Pond de Velier TECC
Le S.B.S. 2003

Bon retour de vacances !


I made an update of the list.

And another update, with the St James les Ephémères (2x5cl available)


Hi everyone
I have too many bottles opened and some I don’t touch anymore because my tastes have evolved or I have others in the same style…
So I propose here the bottles in picture. Exchange possible with other rhums or I sell what is left at a fair price, you choose.
Please note an important thing : I don’t know exactly how many cl are left in the bottle, it’s only an approximation, but rounded down. So I’m almost certain you’ll have at least the quantity I wrote here.

Rhum Quantité
Caroni blog à roger 15cl 60€
Plantation XO Guatemala 10cl 5€
SBS Guyana 2003 SVL 25cl 40€
Rum Nation Rare casks Enmore 2002 15cl 20€

You can take the entire lot for 100€.


Dear Rodolphe,

I am interested in 5cl samples of Neisson XO and Saint James Les Ephémères No1. Are they available for shipping? :slight_smile:

Is your list really complete because I have seen you posted 5 more bottles to give away? I am asking because there are more rums I am searching for (e.g. Dillon Brut de fut and many more). If you have more open bottles for sharing, I really would like to take a look :wink:

Kind regards

Yes they are still available.
I’ll send you a pm tonight, I’m pretty busy this afternoon :wink:

Hi Rodolphe,

I would be interested in a few samples if you still have them available.

Milano rum festival & Barmetro Port Mourant 10y
Velier Beenleigh 2006
Saint James les Ephémères n°1

Shipping would be to France.

Many thanks in advance.


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Salut Mike
On va se parler en français donc :grin:
Je t’envoie un MP rapidement, faut que je regarde dans mon stock si j’ai un éphémere qui traine encore… pas certain.

Salut Rodolphe,

Oui, carrément même si mon français est loin d’être parfait à l’écrit (je ne suis pas français).

Merci beaucoup d’avance. :slightly_smiling_face: