FR/EU savanna art #2

I can Source à bottle at the rhumfest.
I’ll edit the post once I’m not in à rush on my phone.
Wé can do a group shipment as usual for German friends


5cl as usual :grin:


Count me in with 5 cl.

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Dabei bitte, 3cl would be nice

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5 cl please

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I am in with 5 but 3 If the demand is high will also be fine. Thanks again

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Bottle sourced. 133€

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Grrne 5cl

5cl please!

Please also 5 cl to me

5cl please

3 cl bitte

Gerne 5cl :blush:

5 cl stp

5 cl bitte

Gerne 5cl

If still available, 5 cl, please, my friend! :blush: