General feedback channel for RumX2

Exakt. Einfach einloggen und nahtlos weitermachen. :slight_smile:

Wenn Du zwischen den Apps hin und verwechseln möchtest, kannst Du die Synchronisierung (in beiden Apps) im Tab “Xtend” via Pull to refresh manuell anstoßen.

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Sehr cool !! Bin gespannt

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Die Beta ist nun für alle (auch ohne vorherige Freischaltung) verfügbar.
iOS: Join the RumX2 beta - TestFlight - Apple

Wir freuen uns über Feedback jeder Art! :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


Hey Oliver,

Hab die App geladen und ein wenig gestöbert und bin soweit schon sehr begeistert. Gefällt mir sehr gut wie sie aufgemacht ist. Weiter so und vielen Dank für die Möglichkeit dieser großartigen Community :smiley:

LG Kevin

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We would like to get your opinion on the new way of describing the tasting (new slider dimensions). In the feedback of the last months (based on RumX1), the response was often that it is difficult and not really intuitive to set the intensity from 0 to 5 for the individual dimensions sweetness, spiciness, fruitiness, freshness and floral.

Based on this feedback, we collaborated with tasting experts to develop a new way to describe the flavor profile of a rum. Now there are 3 sliders with opposite poles. This way you can distinguish if a rum is rather

  • dry or sweet
  • fresh or woody
  • accessible or complex.

This data currently replaces the spider diagram from RumX1. The indication of detailed tasting tags (fruity, pineapple, caramel, …) has remained unchanged due to the very good feedback we received on this method.

We would now like to take the opportunity to collect feedback on this new method. How do you find the new way to describe the flavor profile a rum? Is it easier or more difficult to taste with counterpoints? How does it feel to enter a tasting in RumX2? Do the dimensions make sense? Is there possibly a dimension with counterpoles missing?

We are looking forward to your feedback! :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


I always felt that the spider web was somewhat complicated to answer. To this end, the slider bars are way easier to handle. Where I had an issue, though, was with the distinction ‚accessible’ vs. ‚complex‘. I understand the rationale but I think a rum can be accessible and complex at the same time. One alternative that is more intuitive to me is ‚watery’ vs ‚complex’ or ‚balanced’ vs. ‚intense’.


First of all a big thank you for this application which I find really great.
I’m not very comfortable with English, sorry.

Just a small note: I use RumX2 in French and I did not understand the « Lumière-Complexe » (Light-complex) slider while the «Accessible-Complexe » translation seems much clearer to me.

Thank you very much

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Hello Christophe,

thank you very much for the hint! I have corrected the translation in the upcoming update.

Please feel free to contact me if you notice any other improvements in the translation. I am grateful for every comment. :blush::raised_hands:t3:

There is also a small comfort feature here in the forum. If you click on the globe under the post it will translate the post into the language you specified in the settings (top right menu).

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Looks very promising! Nice work Oliver!

Now for a suggestion for improvement. :wink:

The most important feature for me (and probably many others) is searching. You search all the time, and therefore I think it’s worth investing time in making it intuitive and easy to use. Mainly, you search:

  1. In the entire RumX database (Previously in Xplore, but now with the center magnifying glass)
  2. Within your own collection (Xtend)
  3. Within your own ratings (Xperience)

There are (or will be in the future) probably other places where you also search, but I feel these three are the most common.

Currently in RumX2, (1) is very accessible with the magnifying glass. As for (2), you need to click Xtend and then “XX Bottles” before you can search. For (3) its even worse, you need to click Xperience, then Overview, then “Tested rums” before you can search. When using the app, I find myself constantly switching between these three “areas” and searching for the same thing/rum, which is a nuisance.

Instead, I would propose a “global search” with “quick filters” that can search within all these (1)-(3). You would access it with the magnifying glass as today, but at the top you would have quick filters. I made a crude sketch how it could look (filter texts up for debate ofc):

The really awesome thing with this would be that you could enter a search term, e.g. “hampden”, and then switch back and forth between the three quick filters to search for that term within each area!

This global search view also needs the “normal” sorting and filtering on top of the quick filters, but I’m guessing that is on your TODO list anyway. I realize that some of those filters only make sense within one area. For example, filtering on unopened/opened/empty bottles only makes sense for (2). That could be a challenge for implementing a global search, but not impossible. And IMHO the great benefit of the quick filters would be worth it!

What do you think?


:+1: :+1:


That would be an awsome upgrade. The most annoying feature right now is jumping around in the app trying to do searches.
The next new attribute I like to be able to search for is user/member. right now the only way to find someone is in top 50… if member isn’t represented on top 50, you’re not able to find em by any “search”-function…
I actually think a way for members to interact would be nice feature for discussions about rums tried.

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+1 for user search! And even better, to be able to add “friends”! :slight_smile:

Hey Mathias,

thanks for your very good suggestion for improvement! I put a global search with these quicksearches and a persistent result list (when you come back from a detail page) at the top of my Toto list!

Later I can extend this search by a detailed filter view and a quicksearch for “friends” and co.

I’ll get to work! :smirk: :raised_hands:


@Oliver I think the new concept to describe the taste profile is much more intuitive. I agree with @mto75 that “accessible” is not the right term. Maybe “simple”? But maybe we shouldn’t get too academic.
Otherwise go on!! A great move forward.

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That is awesome! :grinning:

I see that you have implemented this already! Good work, it looks awesome! Just one bug though - when searching within Tastings, you only get hits on your owned bottles (i.e. same as Collection). :slight_smile:

But other than that, it works splendidly!

Now you have come before me! I actually wanted to wait with the announcement here until the release of the next update (is currently for review at Apple and Google). :smiley:

There I implemented an asynchronous search, so that the app no longer “lags” when entering a long search text. Together with the bug fix you mentioned, the new search should be a big step forward then! :smiley::raised_hands:t3:

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Oh, sorry! Feel free to delete my post if you want! :slight_smile:

No, that’s not what I meant. I am happy about such attentive beta users like you! I’m curious how you like the improvements. :slight_smile:

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