How to get that one single rare bottle you want - at launch

Hey guys, I post this since I just missed the Habitation Velier H 2016 this morning which was sold out already when I got the newsletter (even though I had the e-mail app open and immediately clicked the link on arrival). So what is your “strategy” to get bottles you already know are rare ahead of launch? I am registered to dozens of rum newsletters but so far that didn’t help at all :rofl:

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I missed it also, I read the newsletter 1 hour too late.
I think you need a bot or some good friends. I think it’s not that difficult to build a bot which will ask for availability of a special product.
Maybe it can be done quite easy with Selenium.

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:rotating_light: Currently available at LMDW:

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:rofl: :rofl: clicked the link after I got the e-mail notification from here and it was available, had to register in that shop first though and … let the hunt continue, it’s fun actually! PS Don’t ask me about the weird price, it’s dropping with every refresh of my shopping cart, it’s soon going to be 0 (now at 30.17 EUR)

Ich habe bislang auch nur den Mhoba ergattert… Bin gespannt, ob es mit dem Hampden bei den anderen klappt!

Mission impossible and I’m not Tom Cruise. I think I buy it on the second market.
How is this MHOBA, does it taste good?

Kann sein das er hier gerade online gegangen ist … die Webseite ist down :rofl:

OK. War wohl eine andere Rarität, aber hier warte ich gerade als nächstes das “Soon” binnen Millisekunden auf “Sold out” springt :smiley:

Bei ER ist der Rum meisten 2-3 Tage später verfügbar! Warte auch :innocent:

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I do not know yet, but I always like to give New bottlings a chance! And usually you can not really do anything wrong with Habitation Velier!

I have opened a new thread where we can post when we discover a rarity or rare new release. So we can secure the fine bottles for the community and do the one or other bottle split:


I was lucky enough to secure a bottle of Hampden H and one of Mhoba…sure I will pop it open anytime soon…although I have to finish some bottles first (I already have something like 13/14 bottles opened).
My piece of advice? Search a local distributor/wine bar/ spirit shop who sells Velier bottling, try to connect and talk with them then kindly ask to save one bottle for you :blush:

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Interesting method to avoid (as good as possible) that flippers buy rare bottles with the only purpose to sell them more expensive.


It’s basically a nice idea but I highly doubt that it’s GDPR conform that if you sell a product to a customer, that you keep track with whatever method of what the customer is doing with that product (we’re not talking about online services with privacy policies here). Also as dumb as it sounds, but encouraging someone to drink and show pictures of empty bottles may not be legal in all countries. E.g. Germany has very rigid laws about this. It’s no problem when a private person is showing bottle kills, but if a shop owner is even just writing something like “see an empty bottle it was tasty” it’s qualifying for a written warning already.
Personally I think technical measures to prevent bots and scalpers from buying in shops are the better way to do it.

Honestly I have no clue, if it is allowed or not to “track” or let’s say save the bottle number together with your personal data (BTW this is what Velier does supposedly with the VSGB).
But why should it be illegal to take a picture of your empty/open bottle and send it by email to someone else (voluntarily)?
At the end you can do what ever you want with your bottle (e.g. sell it). You just have to bear the consequences.
I neither think that this is the perfect solution. But in my opinion, it is at least an interesting concept.

Maybe I wasn’t too clear about this, but I recently read an article about “selling alcohol on the internet” and the laws you have to bear in mind as commercial seller. And as stupid as it sounds, but at least in Germany it’s e.g. not allowed to encourage someone to actually drink the alcohol (like it’s not allowed to encourage someone to smoke in an ad) someone buys or even mention any “health related” words in combination with alcohol. Even the word “refreshing”, “tasty” or whatever is a violation of law. This is only valid for commercial sellers so of course we as rum-nerds can share bottle kills and say how tasty it was as much as we want to :smiley: