Incorrect information not being adjusted

I have used the report incorrect information button a couple of times, but the wrong information isn’t always adjusted. Either the button doesn’t work, or the submission isn’t reviewed. In the past, the corrections were applied fairly fast.

One example would be RX16050 where I have sent several reports over several months of the wrong distillery being indicated.

Have others experienced the same problem?


Yes, added Infos as well, they never showed up. At least in the past Oliver reviewed everything manually so I expect everything to take a while


Same problem here


I also had the problem that I have corrected an error several times over weeks and it never got changed and I finally gave up.

At whiskybase they send an info when the request has been processed and what’s the result of it, which is nice.


And I only now noticed that I also tried to change the distillery at RX16050 which never happened.


Ich habe vor längerer Zeit für den Puntacana XOX Erstabfüllung von 2013 destiliert 1983 einen eigenen Datenbankeintrag angelegt, da der bisherige Eintrag die Version 1996 ??? enthielt.
Es wurde keine RX-ID vergeben, okay.
Ich hätte dann aber eine Rückmeldung erwartet, um dann meine Flasche unter RX1782 einzuordnen.
Dort dürfte dann aber kein Destinations-/ Abfülljahr eingetragen sein, wenn unter einer Nummer mehrere Abfüllungen laufen.

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