Is Foursquare overrated?

600 bottles :open_mouth: happy hunting if you want it :sweat_smile:

The hype around a standard (even if very good) product like Foursquare shows how excellent salesmen Luca Gargano and Richard Seale are.

I really like the Foursquare taste profile. It is a perfect rum to relax, light a good cigar, read a good book and listen to a good record without “working” on the rum. Not more and not less. But Foursquares are nothing I would spend a lot of money and energy to hunt down. They are all excellent standard products, and all are a similar interpretation of the same melody. Something Foursquare has in common with Caroni, but without the story and without the unique profile.

So that it is. A good sipper, not too expensive (ECS 20XX), easily available. My favorites are the ECS 2004 and the Plenipo…

And at the end it is all about our personal tastes. So far my thoughts on Foursquare.


There is am evuew on reddit for this one. Sound interesting as expected
Review: Foursquare 2021 High Ester White Rum - 62%


As the Foursquare Fans long hope for pure pot still releases (within Velier or ECS range mostly?) this is surely a hype bottle.