Local buying tips in Wrocław (Poland)

hi …I am going to wroclaw… Poland in August
was just wondering if there is anywhere I can buy rums that I can take back to the UK …my wife is polish so I go a few times a year …but to date not seen any rums apart from in airport which is not a…good selection
many thanks


Well, Poland is not a rum paradise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and I usually order online or from abroad.

There are some cool online shops though and if you staiying a week or longer you defenetely can make an order.
-https://sklep-domwhisky.pl/ whis is simply the best broad-range alcohol store in mid-east Europe. Great prices (for most) and good selections. They have own bottlings of Chairman’s Reserve. I think they are focused on shipping but they happen to have a store in Wrocław. Lucky you :slight_smile:
https://wina-mp.pl/ they ship and they also have a store in Wrocław. They have an own bottling of Hampden Endemic Birds.
-https://distilia.com/ outstanding selection of rare stuff and moderate prices in most cases. Numerous private releases. You know them from “Golden age of Piracy”, “Greenheart collection”. I think they colaborate closely (if not are identical to) Wealth Solutions (Foursquare bottlings) and JackTar (Caroni bottlings). But I guess when you buy something here you will exceed the maximal value allowed by the customs for “nothing to declare” in the airport which is 430EUR from Poland to UK.

You can check these places in Wrocław but I warn you I have never been to any, just heard some opinions that these are worth visiting:

  • Taras Bar 13 by Rum Love Festiwal (looks the best for me)
  • BlackBeard (it is a spirit store and a barber shop)
  • Rumbar
  • Ligero Cigar & Rum Lounge

hope this helps, I’m here if you have more questions :slight_smile:


thanks for info am there for 2,weeks… so I will definitely get that chairman’s reserve.since they are my favourite brand …and will visit the store I will look out for the Hampden at the other store as well… since in UK we don’t get many of there rums .thanks for the info on nothing to declare I wouldn’t off known about that will check the tars bar as well


Remember that for personal use (“Nothing to declare”) you can only have one liter of spirit per person. And nothing stronger than 80%. But honestly, i doubt it is being verified anyhow


I would have recommended Distilia or their German branch Whiskymarket. They should have something nice in Warsaw. Or if you go by car you anyway pass by Berlin.
In case you by more make sure that you have the „right“ invoice with you :wink:


*buy :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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I will risk bringing more ,:rofl::rofl:


let me know if this smuggling worked :rofl: and how much you managed to carry

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