Looking for a bottle Thomson Caroni 1997 HTR (Octopus) to split

I’m not sure, if it is the right section to put this…

I’d like to split the Thomson Caroni 1997 HTR (RX1497).

As I don’t have a bottle I’m looking here in the community. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: I see a pricetag of approx. 500€ as fair for all sides. And the seller could be part of the split too… :grinning:

In any case I’ll do a pre split to see if there is enough interest.

Thanks and regards, Joachim


Had it at a tasting with Phil Thompson at Auld Alliance, really great bottle! +1 If you make the split happen :smiley:


So if you find a bottle, i’m in and can do the hub in germany again :+1:


Bin auch dabei :grin:


Ich wäre auch bei einer Teilung dabei!


What a line up :smiley:

A few leaking 502-Casks and best we can do is a 8 year old blended malt.
Oh and we have a 30 year old Islay. By the way, how about a 1997 Caroni as desert?

This really looks like fun!

Oh and I would gladly join in if this split is going to become reality.


Ich wäre auch dabei!:v:

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Ebenfalls dabei

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999€ :grimacing:

The idea is noble, maybe we need a “split request”-thread?! People could offer to take over the splitting if someone else provides the bottle. Maybe some people are not aware what others want to try really badly but they themselves are not married to a particular bottle (but can’t be bothered to split it themselves).

In any case “giving it away” certainly won’t attract anyone. If we do this, we should include a pricetag – for the potential bottle donor and also for the potental participants (my guess is that for the linked offer, no one would be interested as it’s around twice the fair value of the bottle.

There are 8 bottles listed in the app, that is not much at all. Maybe we’ll get lucky.


I see the point. It may be more appealing for all sides to have a pricetag.
And yes, it more of a lucky shot. :crossed_fingers:


Hi all, until now no bottle was offered… :sleepy:
But thanks for your potential participation! :grinning:
Never say never, let’s see if I’ll be lucky one day.


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