Need for space —> Help emptying bottles

I have a commitment, according to which I will not open more bottles than the number which fits into my rum cabinet.
New bottles are stored in the cellar until another bottle is emptied upstairs. But I’m drinking not fast enough, so the new bottles are backing up downstairs.
I need some help with the open bottles. Nothing very special, just normal stuff from the beginning stage of my rum journey.
The prices are calculated using the bottle price which I paid, but there will be a 15% discount for each order before Christmas :wink:
The second sheet in the Excel table shows full bottles which I would swap against other rums. If you find something interesting, just tell me per PM what stuff could you offer against it and maybe we will find an agreement.
I’m currently looking for older Savanna bottlings, the two 16Y Isautier bottlings, Bielle 2001 etc.

Sample/bottle list