[Pre] DE/EU: The Whisky Jury Trinidad 19y TDL 2003-2022 62,7

I haven’t bought the bottle yet. If there are enough people interested i am happy to make the split.

Purchase price of bottle: 169,90 € (70 cl)
Quantity to split: 60 cl

Sample prices:

  • 5cl: 13,50€

Shipping (incl. new sample bottles, labels, parafilm):

  • Germany: 3€ (Maxibrief without tracking), 5,50€ (insured)
  • EU: 14€ (insured)


  • With a participation you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and accept the stated conditions
  • The risk of uninsured / untracked shipping is borne by the recipient
  • No profit intention on my part
  • The sample bottles are carefully packed by me for shipping
  • As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal
  • The buyer confirms that he is at least 18 years old (legal drinking age)
  • Samples will be shipped after receipt of payment (PayPal, bank transfer, …)


  1. personal share 10 cl
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Ich wäre mit 5-10 cl dabei.

Ich würde auch 5cl nehmen :slight_smile:

Gerne 5 cl :slight_smile:

Just sayin’ :man_shrugging::smiley:

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I know. Watched your split. Shipping is very expensive and not enough participant for splitting shipping. Bottle is available in Germany now. So i would buy one. If this is seen as a dick move i can stop the split. No offense intended.


Nah I get it, don’t worry. Shipping from BE is indeed expensive. But the bottle is open anyway,

If not enough people should be interested for you to buy the bottle, let me know.

Once I’ve prepared all the samples, I’ll contact everyone in a group message to discuss the possibility for a group shipping. It benefits everyone involved.


5cl gerne :slight_smile:

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I cancel this split. I thought this would go fast, that is why i made the split in the first place. Since there is already an open bottle to share, it makes no sense to share a second one if it doesn’t go away completely. Therefore, I would ask you to switch to the split of @Tom. Jonas has agreed to share the samples in Germany and in my calculation it shouldn’t be more expensive than my split if four more people join in. I also have to say that I feel uncomfortable, because I don’t know how this split is perceived in general and to have linked another split in mine, I find it somehow unpleasant. It’s all supposed to be fun here. So @Oliver: Please cancel. There will be another bottle to split for me.


It was absolutely not my intent to make you feel uncomfortable in any way. My sincere apologies if that was the case.

To me, it is all fun here. I don’t take myself to seriously in general and I hope that this attitude is somewhat reflected overall in my posts in this forum.

Enjoy the weekend and drink something nice.



I known. Don’t think it was meant in some bad way. It’s me. Maybe i am a bit sensibel today :hugs:. But having two open Splits of the same bottle doesn’t make sense. And more people on your split will reduce the shipping costs. Ahh… forgot 5cl please :smile: