[PRE] IT/EU - The Wild Parrot Clarendon 2007/2022 Set

This is a PRE-SALE of this niche set. I have the opportunity to source this two bottles that i’d like to open and share with you guys.
If those bottles become unavailable or the minimum for the split is not reached, the split will be (unfortunately) cancelled.


From the Facebook page:
“More than 3 years ago we decided a life-changing for these 2 sister casks…

From refill barrels to 2ndfill sherry cask came from #hiddenspirits stock, we waited patiently the right time to get bottling. Now we are really happy to show you the results. 2 rums distilled in Jamaica at Clarendon Parish, vintage 2007, the first one bottled at cask strength and the second one at 45% alcohol by volume.
Worldwide available from end of March”

Purchase price of bottle: 450 € (2x70 cl) [price confirmed]

Quantity to split: 60 cl each bottle

Sample prices:

  • 1 set of 5cl: 32 €
  • 1 set of 10cl: 64 €

Shipping cost:

  • Italy (tracking): 9 €
  • EU (tracking - UPS): 14 €
    max. 9 samples per package

Payment Conditions:

  • Samples will be shipped after receiving payment (PayPal family and friends preferred; SEPA/IBAN optional).

General Conditions:

  • By ordering samples confirm that you are at least 18 years old (Italy) or of legal age to buy and drink spirits in your country and accept the stated conditions.
  • I do profit from the sample price; the only extra costs that are added to the sample are for the bottles, packing material, labels.
  • Availability cannot be guaranteed, please always ask first.
  • Samples are already bottled and sealed with auto-locking caps.
  • As a private person I can not offer any guarantee/warranty and right of withdrawal.
  • Storing samples is free, however payment of the sample price without shipping in advance is mandatory. Please note that storing a sample for a very long time (several months to years) may change the taste of the rum (to the better or worse, depending on the rum).
  • I suggest you to store samples in a dark, not too humid or dry environment, around room temperature if you don’t want to taste them immediately.
  • If available, you might order multiple samples of the same rum.

Sample List: Stylo Sample List - Google Tabellen


  1. personal share 1 set of 10cl
  2. Tojo 1 set of 5cl
  3. Jarek 1 set of 5cl
  4. Tschusikowsky 1 set of 5cl
  5. Jakob 1 set of 5cl
  6. TheDunderHut 2 set of 5cl (via mail)
  7. FocusUwe 1 set of 10cl
  8. Friend of mine 1 set of 5cl
  9. Quent187 1 set of 5cl

Remaining: 10cl each bottle


1 set of 5cl please

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Also one 5cl set for me please

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Just a quick side note: bottles will arrive at the store in two weeks, so I hope that by then we are able to successfully close this split :heart_eyes:

Nice split👌🏼 One set of 5cl, please

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5cl for me as well please :grinning:

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We’re getting there…still need at least 20cl more to be splitted, so that I can safely buy those bottles :smiley:

10cl gerne :+1:

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Just to be totally transparent, the price in a little bit higher than expected for the two bottles.
The overall cost is about 450€, which would translate in the following prices:

  • 5cl set : 32€
  • 10cl set: 64€

I’ve rounded down the numbers and removed any added cost for bottling/prepping for shipping.
Hope that is ok for everyone!

Is there still one set of 5cl available? If yes, count me in! Cheers.

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So thank you guys for joining! Split will definitely take place!
Bottles should be at the store next week for pickup…then I’ll prepare the samples and start shipping for those who have asked so!

Ciao :wave:

Bottles have landed!
I’ll start splitting between today and tomorrow, than ship all the packages :wink:

Thank you all!



5cl set please :upside_down_face:

I’ll check if I have some cl left, I’m not sure :thinking: