(Rum) Shopping in Paris

Hi guys, I am in Paris for a few hours this Thursday. Any „insider info“ on rum shops where rare bottles could be found? At Rhum Excellence and LMDW I assume they only have bottles in store that are on their website anyway. Rhum Excellene e.g. had the Nobilis Long Pond 2000 only in store but it’s sold out unfortunately … and of course already on rumauctioneer :smirk:

Hi Chris,
I would strongly recommend to pass by LMDW Odeon. Even if you don’t grab the 4K Albion it is worth a visit. When I was there I had a nice chat with the staff and got a decent sample.
Â’Rhum in the Marais is similar. Behind some glass they had Velier Demeraras etc. but naturally very expensive. The chat included also a nice sample.
Try also the booze department at La Grande Epicerie next to Le Bon Marchè.
Generally “normal” rum is more expensive than in Germany or Austria but the shops have a decent selection for the sophisticated rum lover.


Thanks for the tips, unfortunately it turns out that I can’t go rum shopping :frowning: since the Deutsche Bahn is on strike and my train tomorrow is already cancelled I have to fly back from CDG and with the short time in between (I arrive at ORY) I don’t have the time and probably it’s also not that easy to get 10 bottles on a plane :smiley: … so it’ll just be a business trip this time.

Let me know next time you will come, I’m living there (or someone else) : by the way, LMDW Odeon and Excellence Rhum got bottles which are sometimes sold out on their website. So it is really nice to get them afterwards. But they miss main independant bottlers (Nobilis, Rum Artesanal, RomdeLuxe, etc…) or they have really few bottles and more expensive than in Germany.