Sansibar Bottlings

Until today, I never had any bottling from Sansibar in my glass. In general, is their stuff OK for the money?

Depends on what you get,

I tried their 97 Caroni and a lot of their Panamesian LineUp. In my opinion they were all good/worth their money. Except the older panamesian ones.

I didnt try out the Guyanese one or the younger Caroni.

Lately they released some very rare Caronis for the japanese (or korean i cant remember) market, which was available for a short time on the german market. But I guess you are not aiming for that one, since you asked for drinking rum…

So I’d say, yes their stuff is Ok for the original price tag. And you still can find a lot of their stuff in shops without internet presence.

(I can offer Samples of the 12 y/o Panama Sansibar, which I find a great Rum.)


This one sounds interesting…
Clarendon von Sansibar

I would be interested too for a sample :wink: