What are you drinking / random rum talk

Ok, here it is. The what are you drinking thread.

I haven’t opened it before because obviously there is the app. So this is not for tasting notes but rather for random impressions and comments on what ever is in your glas right now (not only rum probably)

I’m drinking Rhum JM XO and dip Cantuccini in the rum and it’s fantastic. The almond-cheery notes of the rhum are a match made in heaven with the sweet almond cookies.


Gerade vorm potentiellen bestellen die Reste vom Beenleigh 2006 und 2015 probiert (in Sample Form obviously :smiley: ).


Thumbs up for the JM XO, have it open myself as part of my Mixing Arrangement. Add Plantation O. F. T. G., Veritas, Goslings, Rum Sixty Six, Smith & Cross, Clement Canne Bleue White and one Caraibes Blend from Compagnie des Indes to the Mixing Reserve.

Drinking its either Foursquare Detente or Worthy Park WPE right now. Or one of the diverse samples… But I really often come back to a Daiquiri or Foursquare right now.

PS: I had the Beenleigh yesterday, in an attempt to understand if the Hype is valid, was good.


What hype? There’s hype around them? (I mean apart from the usual “omg-its-velier”-stuff) To me the 2015 was average at best. The 2006 was way more flavorful, but still not something I would hunt down a bottle of.

Edit: White wine :clinking_glasses: … maybe a ti’ punch later


I have my Artesano BA WB Sweetwine in the glass today. The New Year’s Eve bottling of 2020/21. It is a simple but delicious rum. And a small intimate release :blush::innocent:




I agree on the 2015, pretty underwhelming.

Und jetzt kommt der Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 20 Australia 2007 14 Jahre ins Glas :smiley:


deep red colour, almost black. The nose suggestes long aging and on the palate some sweet and sour notes and a lot of soil - I truly enjoy a glass of beetroot juice :laughing: (actually I really like)


Enjoying this tonight, after a rewarding day at work. I think I prefer the 2020 over the 2021, but it’s still early to be 100% sure of that statement.


Scotland and Malts Trinidad 2012.

Not a Ten Cane, definitely. And a very unripe, very youngish spanish style TDL. I’m sorry for dragging you into this bottle :woozy_face:.

Don’t worry! We can even learn from bottles we do not like. :wink:


How do you celebrate/enjoy/honor your very special rums? I’ve got a small sample of original royal british navy rum out of a flagon. Any ideas on how to get the most out of drinking it?

Yes. Send it to me, I’ll savour every drop of it for you :innocent:


I could send you this to try the sample :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (it is an Victorian 1/2 gill rum measure ca.1870). And of course you need to wait until 31 July.


Uh nice, can you post a pic of the markings?

As to the original question, I think I would prefer having a good day with the palate rather than drinking it forcibly on a special occasion :thinking:

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Not quite sure if you can see it properly, the crown, Victoria Regia and 6 (which I understand, is for Birmingham pruduction site), the ‚crow‘s feet‘ and lettering ‚1/2‘


@DevidedByZero I can imagine :wink: But that’s not an option ^^ But yeah I guess having a good palate is more important than the date/occasion.

@mto75 What a lovely piece of history! Where did you get that from?

So a lot of people mention “Wray & Ting” as a drink and it makes me curious. Does anyone know if it’s comparable to this?


All I heard and read about Ting is that nothing really substitutes for it. Would love to try it myself, preferably on location :grin:

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Count me in! :palm_tree::sunglasses:

I finally managed it to go out on Friday after a long time and had some cocktails. :tropical_drink:
And as it happens i had my first contact with Mezcal and was really positive surprised of the flavour so i am very courious now what the community thoughts are and if there are any recommondations.
Had a Mezcal Paloma (with half of the lemonade on my jacket thanks to the waiter :wink: but even tasted it pure. Liked the smoky character.
Anyway it was good to look beyond the rum borders for interesting stuff or amazing cocktails.