What are you drinking / random rum talk

Right now I’m drinking a high ester jamaican rum to treat my throat damaged by covid 19 (on medical prescription of course :grin: )

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good medical advice :wink: maybe to be sure that you get all viruses killed, you should apply a second treatment with your 70% ABV Plantation HJF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But anyway, I hope that you will recover soon! All my best wishes!


Sorry to dissapoint you, but my wife who works in a laboratory said 70% is not even remotely enough to kill all viruses :smiley: (not even St. Vincent Fire Water is enough)
I finish the weekend with a glass of Rum Club 37yo Panama rum. Some chocolate before going to bed so to say :wink:


Mezcal is one of my favorite cocktail spirits that I rarely drink neat.

The Naked and Famous is one of my all-time favorite cocktails. Certainly on the top three list.
It’s an equal parts cocktail:
2,25 cl Mezcal
2,25 cl Chartreuse Jaune (do not use the green one)
2,25 cl Aperol
2,25 cl Lime Juice

Hard shake, double strain in coupe.


thank you Lukas that sounds amazing.
As it happens my Chartreuse Verte Is coming to an end.(nur I highly recommend it when Feeling worse with your Stockach or whatever, but I understand that i May be to dominant Here.
So I Go with the Jaune next time and give this a try.:cocktail::+1:
And May be i don’t Go with the Most expensive mezcal😁

I use the classic bar Mezcal La Vida del Maguey. That’s absolutely fine in most drinks

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I have a bottle of Montelobos Espadín and Bozal Espadín/Barril/Mexicano open, if you want a sample :wink:
Both in the 40-50€ range and can be drank neat but doesn’t hurt the wallet to mix a drink with them either.
I prefer smoky Mezcals, as I prefer smoky whiskies. The aficionados might find that boring and dismiss them as “smoky tequila”, but to each his own.
The world of Mezcal is huge and there are loads of varieties… maybe I’ll explore that in my next life.


Yes, another wide field of a spirit May be its really better for your and our health to keep it for next life. :smile:
But thanks For your offer i keep that in mind :+1:
For mixing an interesting field.

Wo der pure Genuss gerade leider etwas schwerfällt.
Drinks gehen immer.


Um meine Tasting Notes die ich auf FB gepostet habe zu zitieren.

Ich liebe diesen Eichenwald. Neben dem frischen Harz was aus der Eichenrinde tropft, muss ich mir das Eichhörnchen vorstellen was neben den Eicheln noch die Walnüsse vom Nachbarn einsammelt. Man riecht Erde auf der etwas Orangenlikör verschüttet wurde. Ein paar Kräuter sind im Hintergrund. Die Bitterkeit im Geschmack ist zum Verlieben für alle die auf Holz stehen. Getrocknete Früchte verstecken sich in einer Lederschale. Der Abgang wird ergänzt durch eine Tabaknote und wirkt extrem lange nach. Geschichte eben.

Und gleich ist die Geschichte zu Ende und es geht ab ins Bett :wink: . Gute Nacht!

PS Bottle # 1001 … magical!


That’s an awesome photo! :star_struck::clap:t3:

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Hab zweimal 10 cl romdeluxe Ten Cane von @Adrian und die sind gleich leer :sob:
Muss wohl ne eigene Flasche kaufen, solang es den noch gibt. Aber welchen den 62.3% oder den 60.8%?

na immer den, der einen am besten geschmeckt hat. oder gleich alle beide :laughing:


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Ich habe mich beim Kauf für den 60,8 entschieden, weil dort mehr Alkohol an die Engel gegangen ist und der Fassinhalt deshalb ein µ mehr “eingekocht” ist, also 1,5% weniger Flüssigkeit bei gleichem Ausgangsdestilat. Oder anders ausgedrückt 1,5% mehr Geschmack :crazy_face:


Geschmacklich ist es m.E. genau umgekehrt. Der 60er ist milder, aber etwas zu zahm. Der 62er intensiver, aber etwas zu scharf. Bin noch unentschieden. Werde erstmal den The Duchess probieren.

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Also wenn es stimmt was das Duchess team schreibt, dann ist das der non-plus-ultra Ten Cane… ich bin gespannt.

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I’m not sure about this anymore. Had a 2010 and an 2012 Ten Cane tonight and both of them were much closer to this Scotland and Malts Trinidad than to the 2008 Ten Canes.
And as it is very, very youngish may it actually be a Ten Cane.

So extreme differences in the vintages are interesting. As far as I know, Ten Cane started 2005 with their own Pot Still Distillery and Cognac Stills from France (and 100% cane juice). Then they shifted the distillation to TDL and at some point added molasses rum to their blend.
After that, they moved aging and distillation to Foursquare. Although there are quotes of Richard Seale commenting on this deal, I’m not sure if they actually produced Ten Cane rum on Barbados.
Lange Rede kurzer Sinn: Those extreme changes in the flavor profile might reflect the different production circumstances of the rum. While the 2008 vintage actually might be cane juice, made on their own, the 2010 and 2012 tastes far more similar to TDL than the first Vintage.
The press releases about their move to Foursquare are from May 2013, so all the Ten Cane Rum released until today comes from Trinidad.

Here is a good summary:
"Launched in 2005, 10 Cane rum from Trinidad is made from the “first press of the virgin sugar cane.” The label goes so far as to say these canes are hand-selected and handled “ever so carefully.” It is purportedly the best rum ever seen on earth. The rum is lightly aged in French oak. In the spring of 2011, 10 Cane was reformulated. Instead of being a pure sugar cane juice rum (rhum agricole) it is now a blend of rhum agricole and aged molasses rum. It seems the ratio is about 90% sugar cane juice and 10% molasses rum.(From Refined Vices.) In 2013, Trinidad-based Angostura–who originally produced 10 Cane–opted not to renew the contract with French-based Moet-Hennessy and production was moved to the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados (from Guardian Media)’’

The reformulation in 2010 fits the heavy changes in taste and probably goes along with moving the production to TDL

Here are some impressions from the early days


Trinke den neuen The Duchess Ten Cane. Top
Rum. Tatsächlich der beste, den ich bisher probiert habe, aber auch deutlich reifer und würziger. Geht fast Richtung Guyana.


I’m just filling The Duchess Ten Cane 13 into sample bottles and I can tell you this is great stuff :yum:
I recommend to get a bottle right away!
i.e. here, best price I’ve seen jet:

Edit: take my writing with a grain of salt as I’m a Ten Cane fanboy :star_struck:


Ich habe mir gerade mal wieder ein Gläschen des NRJ Long Pond TECC gegönnt…… und ich muss sagen: für mich ist er nach wie vor einer der besten Long Ponds ever :relieved::star_struck: