#24DaysOfRum Day 10

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Today's rum is:

Spirit of Rum Nine Leaves Rumclub Berlin Private Selection, 59.8% | RumX

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Nase: geröstete Nüsse, Mokka, Dunkele Schokolade, Apfel, Dunkel,

12 Jahre


Ich tippe auf Agricole. Um die 50 % vol. 15 Jahre. Holzig, nussig, grasig, schmeckt mir.


Heute kann ich nur daneben liegen.:grinning:
Aber ich würde glaub ich auch auf Agricole tippen.


Sweet & spicy. The first sip is dominated by the flavor of dates and coffee. Then there is honey, wood and some grass in the background. If it’s a rhum agricole, I’d rather bet in Haiti, but I don’t know this style very well.


I’m also going with agricole. Detect some apple and mokka and other fruity notes, a bit of a dry finish but nicely balanced.
But the first whiff reminded me of whisky with some earthy hints and the first taste had a grappa effect on me. It’s always weird when when I try to explain this, but that’s what it triggers in my brain. So far it’s always been an agricole in that case.
There’s no way in hell I’m betting on a country or age given the previous surprises :joy:


N: agricole, herb, apfel, kaffee, geröstete nüsse, spicy
G: trocken, Agricole, grappa, holzig, nussig (haselnuss, walnuss), astringend, leicht nach Lakritz, vollmundig,
F: medium lang, eiche, vanille, trocken, dunkle schokolade, lecker

Ich tippe auf einen agricole, ca. 55%, ca. 20 Jahre.


Nice dark amber color, turning bright yellow on the edges.

Nose: right upfront, i get sharp notes of grapes and peaches, together with a strong alcohol kick. Then it gradually mellows towards mokka and grassy notes. As the oxygen does its thing, my memory goes to typical south Italian Christmas sweets, made with grapes, cinnamon, cloves and roasted almonds…wonderful!

Mouth: Uh, punchy and spicy, mild astringency…the herbal/grass notes is more present here…then the mokka comes through, followed by a light note of dark chocolate to sweeten the whole experience. Fruit-wise, I still get grapes, mixed with a sweeter fruit, might be dates or fresh figs.

ABV might be on the 52/53%.

Finish: definitely sustained, my mind goes to figs stuffed with roasted almonds.

I think that it could be an Agricole…kinda reminds me a Saint James…

@Tom i totally understand what your’re saying and agree with you with the “grappa” feeling :smiley:

Today's rum is:

Spirit of Rum Nine Leaves Rumclub Berlin Private Selection, 59.8% | RumX


Aaaaaaaaannnddd it’s molasses based. Agricole my ass :joy: I knew it was a good idea to leave the country out of the discussion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s neither fresh juice / molasses. It’s based on the “kitchen ready” muscovado sugar from sugarcane grown on the island Tarama (Okinawa) (some special kind, forgot the name)

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Der erste Rum aus dem Kalender den ich selbst im Schrank stehen habe. Und gestern erst den Encrypted IV im Glas gehabt, daher gleich erkannt.
Lecker :drooling_face:


According to this post, yes: https://www.reddit.com/r/rum/comments/ohwp2b/nine_leaves_clear_2014/

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Verdammt, ich hatte schon ein wenig mit nem Nine Leaves gespielt,aber ich dachte bevor du dich hier lächerlich machst,hältste lieber die Klappe😆