#24DaysOfRum Day 20

We hope you enjoyed the previous rum and the accompanying discussions :yum::tumbler_glass:

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Today's rum is:

Neisson Profil 62 (65 ans LMDW), 1 years, 49.2% | RumX

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Allen, die den Tamosi Karaya Port Mourant gestern richtig gut fanden (und das auch direkt in der App zum Ausdruck gebracht haben), empfehle ich nochmals den gestrigen Post anzuschauen :wink:


Frische Aromen von Gras und Pflanzen, Minze, Junges Holz. Insgesamt etwas dezenter. Am Gaumen auch eher mild. Denke wieder ein Agricole. Vlt diesmal ein Neisson (hatten wir noch nicht).


Nase: süß, Honig, Toffee, Rosine, Sherry, leicht grasig frisch.
Gaumen: mild, ca 45-50 %, grasig.
Wäre auch bei nem Agricole.
Mir schmeckt’s.


Ich tippe mal auf einen Uitvluigt! :thinking:


Ein interessanter Tropfen, vom Profil her mir gänzlich unbekannt. Irgendwie passt die Süße nicht ganz dazu,sollte die natürlichen Ursprungs sein? :thinking:
Am Gaumen recht mild. Adv so um die 45% würde ich sagen.
Vielleicht ein Blend.


Nase: Honig, Aprikosen vielleicht, nicht besonders Intensive
Geschmack: Leicht blumig
Franzose eventuell?

Gruß aus HH


The nose is fresh and unusual, I get Bananas mixed with Marzipan, also some notes that might be grassy or not, cannot really say.

On the palate it is quite intense, herbs, sweetness and a taste that reminds me of Grappa.

I had an austrian or german Rum that tasted similar, but cannot remember its name. Pointers to origin? Beats me.


Light gold

Nose: the alcohol is strong in you, young pada-rum (poor quote, here!). Then, I’m starting to get some spices (vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, maybe ginger), along with a subtle nutty flavor (hazelnut and/or chestnut). It slowly evolves into what I sense as sweet citrus, maybe candied orange peel.

Some drops of water allow the rum to open up a little bit, releasing what for me is raisins and (please, bear with me) panettone! The herbal/fresh note becomes more present.

Palate: the very same candied orange peel is what I get right off the bat, followed by light wood. Then it develops into something more fresh and grassy. On the fruity side, I still get (with the help of the aforementioned water) raisins.

Finish: still getting that grass/herbal note, with a pinch of sweet spices.

As per the ABV, I think that could be lite 48/50%…it is a very unusual rum profile for me…could be a Clairin Ansyen, as well as well as an Agricole (HSE or J.M…I’m going blind, at this point).

Funny to see how different the tasting notes are among all of us! :rofl:


Nase: Banane, Aprikose,etwas florales, nicht sehr streng, aber schön
Gaumen. Für mich für Agricole typischer Geschmack, Recht floral auch hier
Abgang relativ leicht. Tippe auf 45Abv
Tip. Rum aus Zuckerrohrsaft ja, aber woher :thinking:


max.4 Jahre


Tippe jetzt Mal auf nen La Favorit, man muss ja Mal was riskieren :grin: hat ne gewisse süße das wäre schon typisch.


Nose: honey, bourbon (vanilla), sugar cane, oak and a bit of spices (pepper/ginger)
Mouth: tastes like an agricole for me, but no “heavy” agricole (bit of grappa but not that much compared to other agricoles) with fresh grassy notes, grapes, plums, dried fruits, light wood. Feels a bit thin but could be misleading. So not sure about the ABV. Would guess under 50%
Finish: vegetal, fresh, grassy, young wood
Because of the bourbon aspects in the nose, it reminds me a bit of the HSE American barrel that we had before in the advent calendar.
But I can’t really say what country. Hell, maybe it’s even something fresh cane juice from Foursquare :man_shrugging:

Today's rum is:

Neisson Profil 62 (65 ans LMDW), 1 years, 49.2% | RumX


Good call! :clap:t3: