Adding new rums-suggestion for Administrator


I have a suggestion for Administrator.
Reward, stimulate Rum X members for adding each new rum with 1-2 RX points.
What do you think about it?
I have 30+ different rum bottles, still not on RumX.
Sorry, for me, it is taking a lot of time to fill all necessary data and photos, to put it on RumX.

Thank you.
Best regards.
P. S. Any feedback would be nice…


Well, looks like that Administrator doesn’t read the Forum very often…

For what it’s worth I think this is a very good idea!


@Oliver ‘s opinion hasn’ t been heard yet…

Hi Aleš,

Thank you for your suggestion and for helping us grow the RumX database. Your idea to reward members with RX points for adding new rums is interesting.

It’s true that adding rums takes a lot of effort, and some users give us very detailed information which helps a lot. However, some entries are not as complete and need extra work to check and correct.

Instead of giving points for just adding rums, we might start rewarding users who help us check and approve the new entries. This would save a lot of time and ensure our database stays accurate and useful. I’m looking into how we can make this happen and will keep you updated.

Thanks again for your input and your dedication to our community. :smiling_face::tumbler_glass: