Agricole rum what to buy

I have only ever had Saint James in this style
I am looking at buying
rhum depaz vieux next.has I want to explore more off this style …
so I was just wondering what else is worth getting…
but I don’t want to pay more than 40 to start with
just in case I don’t like this style

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Maybe try out some different samples of agricoles to see what you like.
Then you can buy a bottle afterwards and be sure, that you might like the Rum itself.


Buying samples is always a great idea! I‘m a big fan of Baie des Tresors, their rum is the reason why I‘d like to explore more agricole


I never bought samples but your right it’s something I should do then you know your not going waste your money that’s what am going to do next buy 3 or 4 samples then decide which one worth the money thanks for the tip


This one is good.


I can only encourage you to open a thread in looking for samples. There are so many amazing people here with enough agricole to send you on a journey. And 40€ will basically cover for a “round trip”


Baie des Tresors Fleur du Vent was my first Agricole and the reason why I’d like to expand my explorations deeper into the world of Agricole.
Already have a bunch of bottles at home but I do agree : samples are the best way to go and I’m sure there are a lot of people that can provide you some nice samples on RumX

Received over 20 samples of Agricole a few weeks ago between 20€ per bottle up to 500€. I’m curious to try them.


There are different agricole styles. Martinique is often very woody (imo, woody but in the right way!). In guadeloupe the profiles are more vegetal, more fresh. Same for the Savanna creol (= agricole).
My preference go to Martinique but this is very personnal :wink: (and I tried guadeloupe rhums that I found very good sometimes or pretty good for their prices).
My advice could be to try some XO around 60/70€ with samples to catch the style and see if you like it :

  • HSE XO
  • Depaz XO
  • La Mauny XO
  • Neisson XO (not the same price!)

And the same in Guadeloupe.

(I can make you a La Mauny XO sample but that’s all I have for the moment in this range of Martinique).

Baie des Tresors Fleur du Vent was my first Agricole and the reason why I’d like to expand my explorations deeper into the world of Agricole.

Yes! These baie des tresors bottlings are very good for such a young age! I’m curious to taste them a bit more old (I hope this will be a possibility at the Rhum Fest!). Personnaly I found the other better (less American oak, more french oak! :grin: )

Oh I forgot to mention Madeira which makes very good agricole rhums too. They often have a slightly vinous side because they are aged in wine barrels.


I got the depaz vieux
and I can say am injoying it
good value as well madee a fan off agricole style


Trois rivieres VSOP👌


Baie des trésors :heart:

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I like the Dilion Cane Rouge a lot, yes it’s a white one but smooth and complex.


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Dillon on my list :+1:

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on my list cheers :+1: