An overview: sugar content in rum

Rum is a complex spirit that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. However, many rums contain hidden sugars that can affect the taste and quality of the drink. The addition of sugar to rum is a controversial topic, with some arguing that it enhances the flavor and aroma, while others believe it masks the true essence of the spirit. To address this issue, the rum community has developed a method of testing for hidden sugars using hydrometer tests.

The purpose of this thread is to collect published hydrometer tests and present them in an organized way.

Overview (work in progress):

What is your opinion on the topic of rum sugaring?


Matt also wrote some critical points on the subject recently: The Problem with Rum Sugar Lists


Thanks for the overview!

I don’t buy sugared rum but drink it from time to time when visiting friends who mainly drink sugared rum.
I don’t have that big of a problem when a company sweetens their rum as the market is obviously there for it. But they should write the sugar content on their label so that everyone knows what they are buying. Not every bottling is listed in the sources you mentioned and only people like us visit these websites possibly letting the beginner and average consumer believe that this quite significant difference in rum doesn’t exist.


I think transparency is key. The problem I have with Matt’s article is, if old lists/measured sugar values in these are doing the producers injustice because they reduced their sugar content, this is really on them because they should have been transparent about this in the first place. It’s not the job of Rum afficionados to measure sugar content and keep the information up to date.

That said, no shame enjoying or offering dosed rum (for example I occasionally like to drink Companero as a guilty pleasure as well), but you should know what you drink / be transparent about what you offer.


i agree I try and stay away from rums that are sweet and full off sugar …if a rum has suger it has to be a little bit for me so it’s hardly noticeable when you are drinking it
only time I am not fussed is if I am mixing rums
but has a sipping guy .I don’t want a suger bomb


my favorite site is:*&PageSize=12&SortingAttribute=priceWithPant-desc&PageNumber=5&SearchParameter=%26%40QueryTerm%3D*%26ContextCategoryUUID%3DUt_AqHh4h7QAAAFVW2Mcppid%26OnlineFlag%3D1&SkipToId=product-tile-104497&SkipNextSeed=true

it’s the Finish alcohol monopolist which does laboratory tests on every spirit they sell. They only have mainstream brands, but they keep them up to date and are very reliable.

And additionally, they do it for all kinds of spirits. So I found out that pink gin is a category where sugar up to 65g/l isn’t unusual.


very good find :+1:just been looking


Involuntarily I performed a sugar test yesterday. I poured 2 glasses of rums for photo shooting and forgot about them overnight. It turns out that Centenario has attracted four fruit flies whereas none drown in the nearby Plantation XO :grin:


that’s a very good test :fly::fly::fly::fly::joy:


q.e.d. :smiley:


This seems to contradict my observation.
Based on several involuntary incidents, our fruit flies are seemingly favouring Hampden :face_with_monocle:


I remember having a fierce fight with them over a glas of New Yarmouth :grin:. More research has to be undertaken :wink:.


Call me fruit fly :handshake:


They also really like Jamaican rums :stuck_out_tongue: