Appleton Estate 1990 Signature Marque 20 Year Old 75cl

I have a rare bottle of Appleton Estate Jamaica Run aged 20 Years that was only available at the Park Avenue Liquor Shop in New York City. Only 180 bottles were produced. This is bottle 140 out of 180.

Happy to take photos of the bottle as well. The link below is to another one of the bottles that went up for sale last year.

I live in Los Angeles, California. Not sure how to ship alcohol properly so would love guidance.

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75 cl bottles are not allowed in the EU unfortunately. I think you may take them as personal item in your luggage but if sent by mail it won’t get through customs :frowning:

Also see for reference of standard bottle sizes:

As I know this bottlesize is allowed in the EU. Every person can buy a bottle from an other person of the world and it does’n Matter what size it is. So you can also buy a 75 cl at auctions in the EU

But it is not allwed to bottle your spirit into a 75 cl bottle.

And the other thing is that you must have an agreement with the person who will buy your bottle about the tax and shipping. And you must find a company ehich will transport it. Than it will happen.



Good point, I just checked UPS e.g. and they say you need some special licence to ship spirits with them. FedEx doesn’t seem to ship rum internationally at all as well (only wine). Even within the US you can’t ship from every state to any other state.

Someone just needs to fly there and grab some bottles :smiley: minimum every EU country has to allow for entrance is 10 litres of spirits (which will be subject to customs and tax of course).

…and all the other parcel services? Do they have the same rules?


@Francis since you’re in the US, do you know any non-obvious parcel service that would ship spirits internationally?

I would be interested in a solution as well. I have a friend in Cali who’s sitting on some bottles for me and since flying was not an option during Corona I looked into shipping. My conclusion was: as a private person, there is no (legal) way to do it.
Buying a gun is easy, shipping a bottle of alcohol is impossible :man_facepalming:

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