Appleton Estate Hearts - Marques?

Little is known about the different marques issued in the Hearts :heart: :heart: :heart: series.

The only thing I know is, that within the first 3 releases (94/95/99) two different marques were used. Which two bottlings fit together is guessing by taste only. I assume 94 and 99 from the same. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

93, 02 and 03 tasted quite similar to me, beside age of course. Guessing again.

Is there any more knowledge here in the community?


Well, given there’s not much known about Appleton marques at all, it would be really surprising to get the specifics of the Heats releases. But very interesting, indeed. I guess this information would need to come from Luca or Joy directly.


I am not even sure if they usually really categorize Appleton releases by Mark.


Joy Spence mentioned 2 marques used for the first 3 releases during an online tasting session you can/could find on youtube (I couldn’t find it anymore, but I think in was Confererie du Rhum).
Flo on barrel-aged-thoughts mentioned the marque NYE / CS C when reviewing the Rum Artensanal NY 1994. This is not an Appleton marque but I assume the rums prior intention was to go into an Appleton blend. Further guessing: if there are marques for NY, there will be marques for Appleton too… :thinking:
That’s all I “know”.