Are Rum Labels informative enough?

Hi, friends!
I am looking for some help.
I am going to bottle two Guyana casks (Diamond MPM and MDV). What essential info you are looking for on the label?

  1. Distilled in Guyana (April 2011) at Diamond Distillery. Double wood pot still (Port Mourant) was used. Then shipped to UK and refilled into once used bourbon casks and stored for 12 years for further maturation. 58,9% vol cask strength, 220-250 (?) bottles, no additives, non filtered.
    2.Distilled in Jan 2012 at Diamond Distillery (single wooden pot still Versailles (VSG)) and matured for 2 years in Guyana, then shipped in cask to UK in August 2014. Tropical + continental maturation - 9 years. 61,6%vol cask strength, 220-250 bottles, no additives, non filtered.
    Should I add some tasting notes?
    Are anybody looking forward for any picture, art, etc. RomdeLuxe, Wild Parrot, V&M you name it style?
    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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Bottling your own rum sounds great!

I always appreciate the nerdy details on the bottle, so I would put everything you know about how it has been made from the Field to the bottle on there.
Tasting notes are not really important for me as I already expect a certain profile associated with the marques. So I think that your suggestions for the label sound great.

Regarding the artwork: I like the design from Mount Gay with the still on the bottle more than any artwork that’s not really related to the rum.


Thank you Henry!

Sounds very close to my view on the topic. I like FS style (no picture - just info and Name of the Rum) as well.



In my opinion , no tasting notes and a cool label with all other infos you wrote already are good enough. Maybe congeners gr/hlpa are interesting parameters for geeks to see in the label too.


Thank you, Marko!

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Label info sounds good to me. Personally I don’t care about tasting notes on the label.

What do you mean by


Non-chill filtered is a common thing to see but not filtered at all? Are you planning to go Blackadder raw cask style? Or will there be at least barrier filtration?

Artwork or not is up to the bottler, that comes down to personal taste (plus artwork and graphic design resources, I guess).


Thank you!
You are right: it should be “non chill filtered”.
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