Armagnac: The Distillates Domaine Rounagle 1984 und 1967

Hallo zusammen,

nächsten Monat kommen zwei Armagnacs von und für The Distillates raus. Die Pre-order wurde u.a. bei Facebook in der Gruppe Serious Brandy gepostet. Beide Flaschen wurden dabei zum reinen Selbstkostenpreis zu dadurch mehr als fairen Preisen in der Pre-order verkauft. Sascha von war ebenfalls beteiligt und übernimmt die Distribution für Europa/Welt bis auf USA.
Preis für den 1984: 103€
Preis für den 1967: 166€
Beide wurden mittlerweile gebottelt und Sascha rechnet mit einem Versand rund um Mitte August.
Ich würde hier gerne jeweils ca. 35cl abgeben.
Für 5 cl wären das 8,40€ bzw. 12,90€.

Hier mal der Text von Shane von The Distillates:
"The Distillates crew is delighted to bring you a very limited bottling of two unique Armagnacs from Domaine Rounagle. Who? No one we know had heard of them either, although they have quite a following in Italy. How we found them is convoluted, but suffice it to say that Brian Borger is genetically 32.7% bloodhound. We picked these in the early days of the brandy tariffs. But then Covid hit and you get the gist. They spent nearly 2’ish additional years in oak since we first tried them. These are not your garden variety armagnac. They are opinionated and complex. And frankly, each will appeal to very different palates.
We aren’t adding any markup at all for the community if you pre-order. This is at cost and not a cent more. The work that went into procuring these bottles was an act of love and passion. We want to see them opened, enjoyed, and debated. Go ahead and take up to 2, but if the pre-order fills up, then we’ll lower individual allocations to be fair to everyone, or visa versa. If there are any remaining, they will be in Sascha’s shop at full retail.
We hope to have these bottled by the end of June and then off they go to the importers.

Rounagle 1984 - “Here be Dragons”
The 1984 is for those who seek the path less traveled. For ye who packs a machete when going on vacation. Blake Schaefering, Ryan Urban and I (Shane Pearlman) literally could not look away from the maw of the beast. I had to go back three different days to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating and could handle another pour. It’s like making out with She Hulk. I can’t freaking wait for my bottles to land. This is a millesime, not a single cask. Hugh has 4 casks of 1984 and blends them back together every winter. All the flavors are full throttle. Nothing subtle here my friends. A kalimotxo, but made with Dr Pepper instead of coke. And a powerful indian tonic / quinine tartness with citrus zest - not tannic, just full on pucker!!! Crushed Cranberries and walnuts. Spiced Plum butter. Walking into a cedar-lined closet. Hand made, small batch black licorice. And a lick of worcestershire sauce. All turned up to 11.
70cl bottle @ 52,00%
Preorder Price: USA 81,60 €+ ship + local tax / Europe 103€ + ship
Retail Price: Europe 139€ + ship

Rounagle 1967 - “Shaken, not stirred”
The 1967 is a dapper pour that showcases an incredibly rare tropical rancio. Quality Armagnac still in cask from the 60’s is a rare thing, and I expect we’ll pop the top and treasure each sip together. Brian Borger, Sascha Junkert & Adam Dressler were the force behind the 1967. We’re talking about a wonderful balance between the orchard and the garden. Prunes, papayas, bruised pears & mangos, tarragon, walnuts, stewed tomatoes and a brush of Christmas spices. The rancio here is a rare treat - it’s not often you find a brandy that matured beyond the walnut butter and Bleu cheese rancio into the rarified magical land of subtropical fruit.
70cl bottle @ 44,50%
Preorder Price: USA 130€ + ship + local tax / Europe 166€ + ship
Retail Price: Europe 229€ + ship

For Europe / World
Bottles will be charged via a private link through Our esteemed friend Sascha is making this pick available to Europe and anywhere else you can convince him to ship via his web shop and is only covering his costs for preorders. Please thank him for his generosity. The price includes German VAT. Shipping is added on top at checkout. They are doing us a massive favor on pricing and markup to help me keep these priced as drinkers."


Hi Jonas, ich wäre mit jeweils 5 cl dabei :+1:t2:

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Vom 84er würde ich gerne 5cl probieren. Danke fürs Teilen

Edit: nach etwas Bedenkzeit würde ich von beiden gerne 5cl nehmen.

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Hi Jonas
Ich wurde gern 5cl von jeden nehmen, danke.

Strange how I find myself tasting Armagnacs… by Germans… :rofl:


Hi, ich würde gerne je 5 cl nehmen - eigentlich lieber eine flasche vom 67er, aber das isrtgerade nicht drin.(wenn möglich stöcke ich den 67er aber auf 10 cl auf)


Danke für das Angebot! Ich würde gerne von beiden 5cl probieren.

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Ich würde auch gerne mit 5cl dabeisein

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klingt spannend, gerne 5cl von beiden :+1:

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Falls noch verfügbar, würde Ich auch 2x5cl nehmen.

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Jup, passt noch @Leo

Sollten jetzt 40cl verteilt sein. Melde mich dann sobald ich näheres weiß bzgl. Versanddatum.

@Rodolphe Ye strange indeed :innocent: In the past Brandy was an old man’s drink in Germany. But nowadays especially Armagnac has become a malternative or rumernative here. I mean the prices for aged stuff are ridiculous compared to Rum and Whisky. How is the situation in France? I hope there will be still enough supply for the export in the future :see_no_evil:


(Almost) exactly the same here. “Young” people are mostly on whiskey, rum and tequila.
But Cognac remains a prestigious drink and is exported very well, so prices are high. This is also what has built a certain lack of interest in the product. The brand image is that of an expensive, classy product. Much less accessible than other spirits.
Armagnac is less widespread and less known than its cognac cousin. Everyone knows the name, but it’s less common. So this also explains the lower rates that can be encountered.
It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to the cognac region or the armagnac region (south west of France, but each time we had such bad weather with my wife… to believe that it was done on purpose so that I would not go to regions that induce spending on spirits :rofl: ) so I don’t really have an address or a name in mind at the moment. Every year a cognac winemaker comes to my area and offers an excellent XO for 50€! Once I was able to buy him a cognac made by his father that dated back to the 60s for 120€. It was really great! (although only at 40% for 60%+ fans :wink: )
It’s every year in March, if some are interested, I will propose at that time, splits or even bottles.
But thanks to @Oliver I discovered l’encantada and this is a great armagnac seller. I bought a bottle for my father and he found it very very good.


I guess your wife prayed for bad weather back then :wink: I have never been there intentionally. Just driving through I think, but would like to nowadays. I love France anyway.

Ye, Cognac is the more sophisticated drink. At least when it comes to the reputation. For me Armagnac is more straight forward compared to Cognac and ye the prices are better usually.
I am just afraid of the americans. Especially the former Bourbon Collectors. They seem to focus on Armagnac and are ahead of us europeans, when it comes to hype. When they go in to the market with full force, there wont be any stock left for us at reasonable prices. But until then I can buy over 50 yo Armagnac for 160 or 2 yo Ghana Rum for 160 :see_no_evil:

And sounds good with your yearly Cognac delivery :+1:t2: