Attract new shop partners for RumX

Gehört eher in einen separaten Thread, aber:

Falls du es verraten magst: Wie wird man als Shop euer Partner? “Akquiriert” ihr Shops, oder sind das eher Partnerschaften, die sich einfach ergeben? Oder müssen Shops sich bei euch bewerben?

Sind Vorschläge erwünscht, wer sich als Partner gut eignen würde?


Hey Portman,

Thanks for your question about how stores become partners with RumX, and I’m more than happy to shed some light on the process.

First off, our relationship with store partners is integral to our operations. We integrate them into the RumX ecosystem, enabling us to frequently update their latest offers in terms of availability, prices, etc. This ensures that the information provided to you is always accurate and trustworthy.

For stores looking to join us, there is a clear application process. We have set quality criteria that a store must meet before we consider partnering with them. These criteria include having a positive store experience, high ratings on review sites, a direct and reliable contact person, and an extensive product range. Once a store meets these standards, we move forward with the onboarding process.

Your role in this process is significant too! If there’s a store you’d love to see on RumX, feel free to suggest them to us. Your recommendations are incredibly valuable. In fact, the more a store hears from our community, the more likely they are to see the mutual benefits of partnering with us.

Regarding our business model, we operate on a success-based commission. This means we earn a small commission on purchases made through the RumX marketplace. This approach helps our store partners grow their reach and customer base, and the best part is, it doesn’t affect the price you pay.

So, every time you make a purchase via the RumX app, you’re not just getting your hands on great rum; you’re also supporting the continuous improvement of the RumX experience. It’s a win-win situation for all – the stores, RumX, and of course, you, our valued community.

Hope this clarifies how we work with our store partners and how you can play a role in this exciting journey!



If we all send invites to more shops, surely that is better for the community because it gives us more competitive prices?


Exactly, more shops means a win-win situation for all parties: More choice and better prices for the community, higher reach and sales for the stores thanks to increasing user numbers and app revenue to grow the platform further and develop new features that you want. :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:


The next step will be to work out a way to allow international Rum X users to purchase on the app😁 currently none of the In-app purchasing functionality works for me.


Great question @Portman ! :fire:
It inspired me to find out how many rum-sellers we have in Denmark, and write a few mails :tumbler_glass:
Will be exciting to see where this leads, and hopefully we’ll see more shops from around the world