Australia - what's the style?

There is a lot of Australian Rum released recently.

I haven’t tried one yet.

There were those That Boutique-y Rum Company Australia Series, now the TRC and Rumclub, Velier, before that a a RA, the TCRL - so nearly all bottles have had at least on Australian Rum.

The Distillieries I can find are

  • Beenleigh,
  • Black Gate
  • Bundaberg
  • Inner Circle
  • Riverbourne
  • Tin Shed

How would you describe the Australian Style, which country is similar? What is the specific style of the distilleries, which bottlings can you recommend?

And one oddball: On the GRF I heard there is a rumor, that the Fiji Rums actually are produced by Beenleigh - well I don’t believe the story, especially as the Fijis do have a very specific style. What’s your opinion?

Well, this should be easy to fix. Like you said yourself, lots of stuff coming from down under recently and aussie bottle splits are abundant, too.

I’m in the same boat, Australia is a blank page for me. But that will change once the Beenleigh samples arrive. Looking forward to it. Hoping for something Fiji/St. Lucian in terms of style. We’ll see…

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Australia and Fiji rum is currently amongst the rum I am most interested in since there are a few pearls amongst them but they are all still comparatively cheap or to say it more nicely well affordable.

Fiji style is often very close to Jamaica imo since you can find similar Esters and fruits. With Australia it‘s a bit more difficult. I wouldn’t say it’s Spanish or French style but then again English style doesn’t really fit as well … so maybe we need a new Oceanian style :innocent:

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Ich denke, der Artikel von Flo von BAT über den RA Australia letztes Jahr, sollte ein paar offene Fragen klären. So oder so interessant!


Regarding the prices, they are already increasing rapidly.
The RA Inner Circle Rum was launched for 40€ for 0,5 (with dilution) (2019)
The TRC released recently is 60€ for 0,5
The RumClub released today is 80€ for 0,5

All of them are from 2007 probably from the same batch, at least the Rumclub and the RA shared the same time in the tropics/Australia and both are produced by Beenleigh. The TRC distillery is undisclosed but, I’d be very surprised if it is a different distillery/batch.

I really like to taste the Rumclub, as the Spirit of Rum Team was quiet excited on the Monday-Video, but looking at the TRC and the former prices, I hesitate. I guess I’ll wait for a bottlesplit

Regarding the taste of the Fijis, I don’t really agree that they are so super Jamaican as it’s said, because they have this very distinctive burned rubber and rotten vegetable/green tea note, I never found in any Jamaican. The Hampden Younger LROK perhaps came close.

@Jonas thanks for the link. I read the tasting notes once but not the historical part above, that was interesting.

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Sipping on a Beenleigh rum bottled by The Duchess at the moment. Jamaica and Fiji flavor profiles come closest to this. Fruity and dry, awesome bottle at €75.