Availability in the UK: Barbancourt 8 years old

hi I live in UK and this rum seems hard to get old off unless u pay silly money just wondering if anyone knows a place that sells it for a decent price thank you

You mean like online in a shop?

For example this: Zoekresultaten voor Barbancourt - Slijterij & Wijnhuis Zeewijck

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yes online or a shop that sells it

I think the problem is maybe rather finding a shop that’s willing to send it to the UK post brexit?

With the link above (shop called Zeewijck, in NL) you could have a good chance. Another option could be to send a e-mail to TasTToe. It’s a shop in Belgium with a huge selection. I know that they ship internationally. You can always inform if they have it and are willing to ship it.




Fine Drams delivers world wide as far as I know. The US guys from reddit use to buy there.