Barbados in a Nutshell

So I will try to give you some impressions from our recent vacation trip.
Disclaimer: Distilleries are not in the main focus as I am traveling with the family and it’s a honeymoon.

So watch out!


Enjoy your trip!


It’s a beautiful, relaxed place to be with very friendly and kind people who are proud and passionate about their heritage. Amazing beaches, beautiful nature (they managed to keep some) and good food. Quite expensive I must say.

After view days of relaxing we had a first trip (rented a car) to St.Nicholas Abbey, in the north of the Island, basically on top of the hill. The great house is located in a beautiful garden with old mahagoni trees.

completely made of sea shells! Back in the centuries


but let’s talk business now.

the old steam mill from late 18 hundreds, still working.

Bat :bat: poo :poop: seems they are working on a mug pit

The still is a hybrid of pot and column, they do not operate all year and produce a limited number of casks and only sell at the distillery (forgot how many casks, too much to look at).


They offer guided tours and our guide was a funny lady with a great sense of humor who did an excellent walk around the distillery with us.
The old train that used to bring cane from the plantation is maintained and they operate a short nostalgic trip to cherry tree hill with an amazing view over the island.


We continued to Mount Gay the same day but noticed that a tour needed to be booked in advance. Distillery is closed Monday so I will try to book a tour for Tuesday. In contrary to St. Nicholas Abbey, Mount Gay on a first impression looks like a worn out, large industrial site that would not attract visitors unless you know what is hidden inside. Let’s hope for Tuesday, Monday I am going to try Foursquare.

So see you later :wave:


Great pictures so far! Looks like an exciting trip! Enjoy :v:


while waiting for the next distillery trip (not before Monday) some impressions from bars and restaurants.

Do they have a rum history in Barbados? Well, not if you look at the standard selection of bars and restaurants. There is Johnnie Walker, Absolut Vodka, Grey Goose, Tanqueray…wait, Doorly’s, Captain Morgan, Mount Gay 1703…Mai Tai? Of course! Mount Gay white and gold (from plastic bottles), Amaretto, Triple Sec, …

Supermarkets have quite a large offer of the standard rums. Similar to @Jarek ’s experience in Martinique and Guadeloupe.
Given the average income and high cost of living on the Island, this is regrettably understandable.

But at least my hotel has a “Rum Vault”, see their well sorted menu. BBD (Barbados Dollar) is USDx2


and some pictures to relax…


Funny prices for the Doorly’s, all the same :thinking:


I misunderstood and thought a shot of Doorly’s is 24 USD :hushed: because you said BBD=2xUSD. Lucky it’s just otherwise :grin:

Sorry, just had to share this :wink:

Enjoy your time :grinning:


Nice pics! Enjoy and thanks for sharing


But he is right in saying BBD=2xUSD :wink:

12 BBD = 2x 6 USD


Thanks for the pictures and the Caronis are quite cheap !!

the price is for a 2cl dram of Caroni :grin:


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Those photos are indeed relaxing. Many thanks for sharing them and enjoy your vacation!


good morning (most of you will read it in the morning)!

Let’s start from the end and the beginning of the end. It was a kind of Halloween opening in the tasting at Foursquare. Have a look….

But it turned to the better, the much better.

Well, visiting Foursquare (around the old, converted sugar factory are four squares of land that can be seen from above) was a very nice experience. During opening hours, visitors can just walk in and either do a self guided tour or book a tour at reasonable price including a standard or premium tasting, of which the latter we booked.
They really offered a whole journey through the different releases and I would have gotten a Raconteur sample for free but the bottle was empty. We enjoyed our tasting at the Copper Still Bar.

But let’s talk business. Molasses, not only from Barbados, is fermented 48 hours before distillation.
Pot Still (retort, batches) for the more heavy rums at around 70% (about 50% after the first distillation process) and the column still (continuous) for the cleaner, lighter alcohols, at 85%. They blend for some products both rums.
All carbon dioxide is collected and all remains are turned into fertilizer or animal food.


The stills

Wild fermentation

Some impressions

Good buy for now!


Richtig toller Bericht/Bilder !!
Danke das du uns teilhaben lässt :grinning:


Jupp, auch von mir ein Danke. Hab es heut morgen um halb sechs gelesen, die Bilder bestaunt, dann aus dem Fenster hier geschaut und wurde depressiv :wink:
Fazit: Du machst grad alles richtig :call_me_hand:t2: viel Spaß weiterhin


I’ve loved reading this the past few days-hopefully I’ll visit there one of the days! Thanks for this!