Best lightly aged light rum (column still or pot column blend)

After moving I’m rebuilding my cocktail bar. I killed a lot of bottles to avoid moving with them, but know some of my staples are gone, so I need to pick a few new bottles.

A category I always struggle with is lightly aged column still rum (Spanish style).

A lot of classic cocktail recipes call for light Cuban or Puerto Rican. I’m looking for a rum suitable for these cases - I have plenty of highly aromatic unaged rums, but I need something different here.

My favorite is:

  • Doorlys 3 yo 47%

Basically a Veritas without the estery nose. I like it a lot although it’s almost too full-bodied for this category.

Rums I consider are:

  • Don Q Cristal (but I believe it is too neutral)
  • Plantation 3 Stars (but I want something without jamaica)
  • Caliche (Puerto Rican as well, but a bit too expensive)
  • Flor de Cana 3 Extra Seco (sounds interesting)
  • Chairmans Reserve White (hardly available and perhaps too full-bodied?)

Most of the other rums in this category are below 40% which I want to avoid.

What are your favorites or which rums didn’t you like at all.


Plantation 3 stars is à perfect mixer, not too jamaican (my opinion) which is perfect when you Need either Cuban or portorican rhum.
It does à perfect job imo, but i have to precise that I’m not a purist!


I love the don q reserva for that purpose. But I have a sweet spot for the distillery, admittedly


Den Reserva 7 als Mojito Rum? Schmeckt der nicht zu holzig? Den habe ich aber auch auf der Liste, allerdings eher für die Kategorie Medium aged column still rum


Ich finde das geht prima, finde da aber weiße Kolonne auch kacke im Drink. Da geht der st. Lucia mega gut für mich.