Best price-performance rum

Dear rum fans,

ever since I started getting into rum, I was on the search for new rums with specific flavors and lately for the best rum you can get in the range of 40 - 80 €. If you enjoyed typical beginner rums up to 40€ and are curious to take a step forward to more advanced rums, I’m happy to present you a list containing the best price-performance rums you can get. This list is a result of a data analysis I did based on the ratings from and and up to date prices from various online shops. If you are interested in how exactly this was done, just let me know. In short, I was looking for ~80+ rated rums on both sites and then ordering them by their performance/price-ratio. Since sugared rums are kind of a dealbreaker for some folks, I put eventually sweetened rums into a separate list. Here we go:

Best price-performance rum (non-sugared) between 40-80€:

  • Abuelo Two Oaks
  • Foursquare Rum Sixtysix Cask Strength 12-year
  • Neisson Profile 105
  • English Harbour High Congener (plus their Madeira cask Finish)
  • Chairman’s Reserve Vintage 2005
  • Hampden estate 8-year / Overproof
  • Real McCoy Limited Edition 12-year
  • Facundo Eximo
  • Malecon 1996 Rare Proof 20-year
  • HSE Grande Reserve XO
  • Doorly’s 14-year
  • Dictador XO Perpetual / Insolent
  • Depaz Millésime
  • Ron Esclavo XO Cask
  • Most of Foursquare Exceptional cask series (if you are lucky to get a bottle below 80€)
  • Rhum J.M Calvados/Cognac Cask Finish
  • Rum Artesanal Australia
  • Chairman’s Reserve 1931
  • Rum Nation Barbados Anniversary 12-Year
  • Depaz Grande Reserve XO
  • Appleton Estate 21-Year
  • Plantation Barbados Single Cask Wild Cherry Finish 12-Year

Best-price-performance rum (eventually sugared) between 40-80€:

  • Spirits of old man: Project One
  • Plantation XO 20th anniversary
  • Centenario Fundación 20/25 Años
  • Oliver’s Exquisito 1985
  • Brugal Leyenda
  • Puntacana Club XOX 50
  • Quorhum 30-year

Surely, these lists miss some rums. I will update them when rum-x will get an advanced filter search function or when you name a rum that should be on that list and which complies with my analysis :stuck_out_tongue:


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Very interesting analysis! Such “standards” should not be missing in any rum cabinet. :sunglasses:

Thanks @Tim for sharing with the community!

I also made a short list of top standard rums some time ago. Here as a supplement to your more extensive list:

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Super sache! :+1:t2:

Beim Brugal- Leyenda würde mich mal genau interessieren ob der nachgezuckert ist!?

@Oliver I have seen your list! If you are just focusing on the best value, most of the rums you will find come from the 20-40€ range. As your list proves!

@Wernie I couldn’t really find anything about Brugal Leyenda except other rums by Brugal seem not to be sugared [Master Sugar List: 1,672 Rum & Whisky Sugar Tests: A to L - Capn Jimbo's Rum Project Forum]. Most likely, Leyenda is not sugared.

Hi Tim,
this is indeed a very interesting list. I can fully subscribe to the English Harbour High Congener, the Hampden 8 yrs, the Saint Lucia Chairmans Reserve and the Dictador XO Insolent. Despite the fact that it has become more expensive latetely, I believe that the Black Tot 50 should not be missing on the list, if you are into navy style rums (as am I). On Spanish type solera rums, my favourite is the Cubaney Centenario, which I believe, also provides very decent value for the money.
all the best,

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Ich meine der hat ein paar Gramm Zucker drin. Ich weiß nicht die genaue Angabe aber trotzdem für mich ein absoluter Knaller. Ich liebe Brugal (vielleicht auch daher dass ich schon ein paar Mal vor Ort war)…

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Ja ich kenn ja auch die anderen von Brugal und die sind schon in Ordnung. War ja auch mein Einstieg in die Rumwelt,damals im Urlaub.

Brugal Leyenda ist arschsüß :sweat_smile:
Natürlich ist da Zucker drin und nicht zu wenig.

Ok, ich kenn nur die anderen Sorten und die sind eigentlich ungesüßt.

Most of the Brugals are lightly sweetened, but the Leyeanda is the heaviest.
Think there is between 20 and 30g in it.

The rum also remains very sweet on the palate. It is clear that it was heavily sweetened.