Best regular rum releases

When looking through the recommended rums here in the forum or the best-rated rums in the app I noticed that most of them are rather expensive and/or not available anymore. That’s why I’d like to turn this thread into a list of the best more accessible rums, that are part of the standard line of the distilleries and IBs.

I’ve tasted far fewer rums than most of you did since I am still at the beginning of my rum journey, but these are the best I tried recently:
Mount Gay XO (RX2067)
Hampden Pure Single Jamaican Rum 8 Years Overproof (RX51)
Velier Veritas (RX235)

I’d love to benefit from your broad experiences and would appreciate any additions!

Full List

Sipping Rums:
Doorly’s XO (RX2067)
Hampden Pure Single Jamaican Rum 8 Years (RX11)
Hampden Pure Single Jamaican Rum 8 Years Overproof (RX51)
Rhum J.M. XO (RX34)
Velier Veritas (RX235)
Worthy Park 109 (RX9767)

Cocktail Rums:
Havana Club 3 Anos, 5 Anos Anejo Especial & 7 Anos Anejo (RX91, RX41 & RX49)
Plantation OFTD (RX323)
Velier Veritas (RX235)


I second the Hampden 8 yo Standard Release and Overproof, as well as the Veritas, However the Standard release might be better suited Zi Mixing and in general due to it being cheaper.

For Cocktails, around here Havana Club up to the 7 years is a staple. I would also say, in regards to affordable cocktails, Plantation OFTD (or whatever) is quite good.

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Any other suggestions?

I have hardly any standard releases left.

I love OFTD for Cocktails.

The Worthy Park releases are quite nice, too. Although I don’t like the Worthy Park Estate standard rum that much.

In the agricole world I like more rums out of the standard range.
Rhum JM XO is fantastic. Trois Rivieres De l’Ocean Rhum Vieux is nice, too. Other Xos from Depaz etc are said to be very good as well.

The TCRL Fiji 2014 is not a standard release but widely available an perhaps the best value for money on the market.


I forgot about Don Q. They produce super light rum, but of decent quality the 2009 Selected Barrel is a very good light rum. Their Port Cask is quite drinkable as well. I want to check out the reserve 7 soon


For me there is actually no everyday rum. The single casks are enough every day, together with the samples it is more than enough.


Price-Performance Ratio für mich aktuell ganz klar der Worthy Park 109.
Wenns Agricole sein soll geht auch Saint James Cour de Chauffe oder etwas in die Richtung.
Im Daiquri ist der Veritas auch durchaus eine gute Option, wobei es da auch jede Menge von Clairin gäbe was mindestens genauso gut ist.

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