Best ti’punch sugar syrups from agricole producers

Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice on the best sucre de canne syrups from rhum agricole producers (with high quality ti’punches in mind).

A quick list of the ones I’ve tried and my opinion on them:

Dillon: not a huge fan of their sirop despite being a big Dillon fan in general.

Rhum J.M: Very good sirop

Trois Rivieres: Also very good

Saint James: Fine but a bit mediocre

Let me know if you have tried other ones and how you feel they stack up in quality. I am particularly interested in hearing from people who have tried the Neisson sugar syrup.

Just to repeat I am not interested in your beautiful experiences with things like Monin/your friends home made sirop/other commercial alternatives, only the ones from agricole distilleries please.

Thank you!


Just a quick add: the sugar syrup from distillerie La Mauny is great! Makes amazing ti-punches. Little bit rare to find unfortunately. Picked it up at maison du rhum in Paris.


Damoiseau sucre de canne=best sugar syrup for the aniseed note lovers!

For tiki perfectionists it is also an excellent addition to elevate tiki drinks requiring Pernod drops and sugar syrup e.g. the rum barrel, beachcomber’s gold, gold cup.


Dormoy: very good and fairly neutral sirup, based on what you want it goes well with anything/nothing. :slight_smile:


Will check it out, always good to have an all-rounder

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I can only recommend this one directly from Saint Aubin, Mauritius.


Oh that’s a beauty, presumably not easy to find for consumers in Europe. Any particular notes that stand out in your opinion or more of a good neutral flavor?


I fear, you can get it only directly in the distillery. :roll_eyes:

Very thick, dark, oily stuff, like liquid molasses - and extraordinary sweet. It’s like an essence. :wink: